Balloon Tape Strips and Balloon Arch Tape

UGlu®- Better Balloon Tape

Whether you're a pro in search of a better balloon tape or an at-home crafter making your first balloon arch, UGlu® is the perfect choice for balloon tape. It creates an instant bond to balloons without a mess and comes in sizes that make easy work of assembling the perfect balloon arch. 

UGlu® for Balloon Arches and Party Decor

Take Your Balloon Décor to the Next Level

Whether your event is a birthday party, gender reveal, baby shower, wedding, graduation, retirement party or store opening, UGlu® will make your balloon décor easier. UGlu® is better balloon tape because it adheres well to latex and foil yet won’t pop balloons like heat guns. Use UGlu® to create fuller balloon arches by filling in any holes with smaller balloons. Create amazing balloon bouquets and achieve a professional look by using UGlu®. UGlu® makes the installation of extravagant balloon garlands and balloon banners much faster and easier compared to inferior adhesive tape products.

Why use UGlu® as Balloon Tape?

"UGlu® Dashes are easy to use and actually go unnoticed, so they don’t interfere with the final appearance of your balloon art... With UGlu® Dashes, I can just use my imagination and put things wherever I want and they will stay on and it looks awesome." - Michael Bey (Balloon Artist)

Read our full interview with professional Balloon Twister Michael Bey.

UGlu® Products

The UGlu® products below are all available for purchase on Amazon.

UGlu® Removable Adhesive Glue (pronounced: uglue)

Blog Posts

Balloon Twister uses UGlu Dashes in his balloon art
UGlu® takes balloon artist Michael Bey’s work to the next level

Balloon Twister uses UGlu Dashes in his balloon art
How Balloons and UGlu® Go Together for the Perfect Party Planning


These videos some other ways to use UGlu® and how to remove UGlu® from surfaces.

UGlu® for Balloon Arches and Party Decor

Making a balloon arch with UGlu®

UGlu® Twist to Remove Demo

UGlu® Product Video Displaying Clean Removal from Wall

How to Remove UGlu® Cleanly

UGlu® 3in x 3in Strips How to Stick and Remove Liner

UGlu® Dashes Product Video- Using UGlu® Dashes to Hold Down Fashion Belt

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