Rotary Die Cutting

Pro Tapes® has multiple machines with high speed rotary die capabilities. A rotary die cutting machine is electrically operated and uses a rotating cylindrical die, in which the material is feed through that holds a rotary tool that will cut the sheet or web into smaller parts, shapes or perforations. Rotary is an engraved tool which holds the tightest tolerances. Some advantages to rotary die cutting are: works well with most substrates, higher production rates, greater precision (better quality) parts, and the ability to perform multiple functions (printing, perforating and laminating).


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  • Repeats lengths from 6” up to 39.37”
  • Can be processed in roll form or individual parts for more efficient customer use
  • Faster processing, more cost effective
  • Parts and liners can be printed as well as die-cut
  • Laminate up to 4 materials inline and multi-layer cut
  • Web widths up to 300mm
  • Waste/scrap ejection
  • Solid dies, flexible dies, floating dies, vacuum and air ejection

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Image 3 Lathe Slitting

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Rotary Die Cutting Videos


Packaging Solutions

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Shrink Wrapping 12 Rolls
Accordion Style
Inner Pack with
Silicone Sheets
Bagged w/Desiccant
Packs and Core Plugs
Roll label with UPC barcoding
Half-moon roll label
Clam shell
Clam shell

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