Lathe Slitting

Lathe slitting is a much needed capability for odd slitting opportunities (narrow widths or multiple widths within a web) and small volumes. Pro Tapes® has the ability to program our lathe slitters to slit several different widths on one log roll with little set-up time involved. Our “programmable” lathe slitters store the specifications of jobs like recipes and produce consistent quality every time. Also, some products process better on a lathe slitter.


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  • Single and double blade as well as saw blade
  • Slit to widths as narrow as 1/64”
  • Tolerance: +/- .005, up to 700mm (28”) O.D. of base stock.
  • Core sizes: 1”, 1 ½” and 3” I.D.
  • Microprocessor controls, job numbers assigned for each customer, automatic setup
  • Slitting profile controls: self-lubricating, auto sharpening, lock or driven blade
  • Substrates: Non-PSA, PSA Single-faced, PSA Double-coated, Paper, Cloth, Films, Specialty, Butyl Rubber, Foams, Vinyl, PVC, etc.

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Packaging Solutions

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Shrink Wrapping 12 Rolls
Accordion Style
Inner Pack with
Silicone Sheets
Bagged w/Desiccant
Packs and Core Plugs
Roll label with UPC barcoding
Half-moon roll label
Clam shell
Clam shell

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