Pro® Premium Black Mask

Black Crepe Paper Masking Tape


Pro® Premium Black Mask tape is a medium crepe paper masking tape coated with pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive.

Pro® Premium Black Mask is designed for light-weight packaging, bag locking, decorative edging and marking. Pro® Premium Black Mask can be used in masking off areas in acrylic and watercolor painting.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Resistant to water, solvents and oil.
  • Can be used in masking off areas in acrylic watercolor painting.
  • Black
Technical Specs
Medium crepe paper
Synthetic rubber/resin
Total Thickness:
5.7 mils
Application Temperature:
50°F to 90°F
Temperature Range:
40°F to 150°F
Tensile Strength:
19 lbs per inch
Adhesion to Steel:
32 oz per inch

Made in the USA