Pro® Flocking Tape

Anti-Squeak Tape


Pro® Flocking Tape is an anti-squeak tape coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.

Pro® Flocking Tape is designed for anti-squeak applications requiring high adhesion to low surface energy materials. Pro® Flocking Tape is also recommended for use where low fogging is required.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Very aggressive acrylic adhesive.
  • Low fogging qualities.
  • Thick transfer tape.
  • Natural poly-coated moisture stable liner.
  • Used in anti-squeak applications.
  • High adhesion to low surface energy plastics.
  • High initial tack.
  • Black
Technical Specs
General Purpose flexible black vinyl
Permanent Acrylic
One-side clay coated semi bleached release liner
Total Thickness:
9.3 mils
Temperature Range:
-40°F to 176°F
Adhesion to Steel:
60 oz per inch

Made in the USA