Pro® Costume Tape

Pro® Costume Tape

Pro® Costume Tape

  • Adhesive Tape - Pro Costume Tape
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Pro® Costume Tape Description: Pro® Costume Tape is a clear double-coated skin-friendly adhesive used to keep costumes or dresses in place. It can also be used to fasten embellishments to a costume or skin. Pro® Costume Tape is easy to tear, with an oversized/easy-peel liner and removes clean from most fabrics. Application: Remove a length of Pro® Costume Tape from the roll and tear it to size. One side is covered with a white liner but both sides are the same skin-friendly adhesive. Press the exposed adhesive to your costume or garment. After securing one side to fabric, remove the white liner and press the other side to your skin or another fabric.

Use for fabric-to-skin or fabric-to-fabric fastening.
Colors: Clear with White Liner Benefits: Pro® Costume Tape features an easy-to-tear serrated edge. No scissors required! Just tear custom size strips to the needed for your application. Skin-friendly adhesive. Our oversized liner is designed to be easy to remove so you won’t waste time picking at the edges trying to remove the liner. Features: Quick Stick, Good Adhesion, Highly Conformable, Made in the USA, Skin-Friendly Specifications: Technical Specs
  • Backing: 3 mils Transparent Polyethylene Film
  • Adhesive: Acrylate designed for medical/surgical use
  • Total Thickness: 10.8 mils
  • Service Temperature:
  • Tensile Strength:
  • Elongation:
  • Adhesion to steel:
Made in the USA

Glossary of Terms


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