Pro® 99

Attaching Tape


Pro® 99 is a semi-transparent tape featuring a high tack, aggressive adhesive and tear by hand film/fiber backing.

Pro® 99 can be used for general purpose sealing and attaching, especially used on treated paper overwraps and other "hard-to-stick-to" surfaces. Pro® 99 was designed for use in holding and insulation applications during transformer and coil manufacturing.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Sticks to treated paper overwraps.
  • Printed data on containers and cartons won’t be obliterated.
  • Easily used without the aid of a dispenser.
  • Resists flagging and contamination from varnish chemicals or solvents.
  • Natural
Technical Specs
4 mils Polyester Film, Non-woven
Pressure sensitive rubber resin
Total Thickness:
5 mils
Tensile Strength:
60 lbs per inch
Adhesion to Steel:
35 oz per inch
SpecificationsUL Listed (E82910), Insulation class 130°C, Dielectric Strength 5,000 volts

Made in the USA