Pro® 924

Single Coated Polyethylene Tape (7.5 mils)


Pro® 924 is a conformable single coated polyethylene tape.

Pro® 924 common applications include hanging, splicing, seaming and patching of Polyethylene sheeting. Multi-purpose sealing, bonding and repair within asbestos/abatement removal applications. General surface protection of a range of materials. Temporary masking. Holding or hanging of sheeting. This professional grade product is also formulated to meet the FR requirements of both NFPA 701 and ASTM E84 standards.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Provides a water-tight seal in all weather conditions.
  • Low-residue adhesive allowing material to be repositioned.
  • Bonds over a wide temperature range.
  • Pinked edge option facilitates easy tear by hand.
  • Higher tack for excellent bond strength Good conformability for application to rough or irregular surfaces.
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Clear
Technical Specs
Synthetic rubber resin
Total Thickness:
7.5 mils
Temperature Range:
32°F to 160°F
Tensile Strength:
24 lbs per inch
Adhesion to Steel:
75 oz per inch
SpecificationsPasses the flame retardant requirements of the National Fire Protection Asso-ciation (NFPA) 701 standard. Conforms to the ASTM buildings materials fire test E84 – Class 1 or A rating.