Technical Specs
ASJ (All Service Jacket)
Solvent Acrylic
60#, Silicone Coated Kraft
Total Thickness:
11.5 mils (without liner)
Tensile Strength:
50 lbs per inch

Pro® 818 ASJ

ASJ (All Service Jacket) Tape


Pro® 818 ASJ is an aggressive all-weather acrylic adhesive system.

Pro® 818 ASJ is designed for sealing seams and joints on duct and pipe insulation systems where ASJ insulation facing is used.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • An aggressive all-weather acrylic adhesive system.
  • Bonds tightly and permanently to insulation facing and HVAC ducts.
  • Performs well over a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Eligible for LEED® compliance credits.
  • Foil