Technical Specs
1 mils Polyester
Aggressive hot melt
Temperature Range:
32°F to 120°F

Pro® 700

Tamper Evident Tape


Pro® 700 Tamper Evident Tape is specifically designed to leave behind a hidden "OPENED" message when peeled away by unwanted parties.

Pro® 700 Tamper Evident Tape is formulated to seal a variety of surfaces such as paper and plastic security envelope flaps as well as corrugated packages and boxes. Pro® 700 Tamper Evident Tape is widely used by the electronics, aviation, trucking, medical /pharmaceutical and jewelry industries.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Pilfer proof tape designed to let a consignee know if the package has been tampered with.
  • "Custom-printed" (Company name/logos) top surface version available.
  • "Non-printed" top surface version available.
  • Outstanding holding power.
  • Dispensing by tape gun or by hand.
  • Red