Technical Specs
Natural Rubber
Total Thickness:
2.2 mils - 2.4 mils
Application Temperature:
Up to 158°F
Tensile Strength:
42 lbs per inch
Adhesion to Steel:
15 oz per inch
SpecificationsApproved for indirect contact with food.

Pro® 380 PVC

Colored Premium Carton Sealing Tape


Pro® 380 PVC is a high quality carton sealing tape with natural rubber based adhesive.

Natural rubber adhesive, extremely high adhesion and conformability to any surface. One of the highest quality carton sealing tapes available, noiseless off the roll.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Noiseless off the roll.
  • Tear by hand.
  • Conformability to any surface.
  • High adhesion.
  • Approved for indirect contact with food.
  • Clear
  • Tan
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Blue