Pro® 217

Cushion Mounting Tape


Pro® 217 is a high performance urethane/cushion mounting tape. Specifically developed for use with polymer printing plates.

Pro® 217 is an ideal elastomeric cushion tape that features durable, long-life elastomer foam material for low compression set with excellent print reproduction. High performance urethane foam, differential acrylic and rubber adhesive systems, long life and excellent tonal balance. Recommended for combination screen solid graphics. Achieve optimal results when using proper impression settings on press.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Easy-to-mount adhesive.
  • Secure hold-down.
  • Solvent resistance in press.
  • Clean removal in the demount process, and virtually no adhesive transfer to the backside of the plate.
  • Grey
Technical Specs
Urethane type foam, micro-cellular, High density
HP Acrylic based (plate side) Acrylic (cylinder side)
0.004” brown poly coated paper
Total Thickness:
42 mils