Pro® 184HD Kraft

Heavy Duty Paper Packaging Tape


Pro® 184HD is a high tensile kraft flat back paper carton sealing tape.

Pro® 184HD Kraft Paper Tape is a pressure sensitive, flat back packing tape. Pro® 184HD is a high tensile kraft paper carton sealing tape for standard and heavy duty packaging. Pro® 184HD was developed for sealing boxes for the "moving" industry, where high hold and easy tearing is required. It can also be used to make roll-to-roll splices on the paper and paperboard industries for high tension and temperature demanding processes.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • High tensile strength.
  • Good adhesion on different types of cardboard and even if stored in cold temperature after closing.
  • Resistant to box shock, identifies pilferage (as damaged cartons would be recognized if resealing were attempted).
  • Tear by hand.
  • Dark Brown
Technical Specs
Rubber - Resin
Total Thickness:
6.5 mils
Tensile Strength:
56 lbs per inch
Adhesion to Steel:
68.1 oz per inch
Adhesion to Backing:
25.6oz. per inch
SpecificationsComplies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, CFR Title 21, Subpart B, Par.175.105. RoHS Compliant