Pro® 156 ATG

5 mils ATG Transfer Tape


Pro® 156 ATG 5 mils Adhesive Transfer Tape.

Pro® 156 ATG can be used as a laminating adhesive for foam, fabrics, metal or plastic nameplates, and is an excellent product for splicing of films, fabrics and foils. It is also suited for joining materials with irregular or textured surfaces.
Product Applications: Features: Benefits:
  • Pro® 156 ATG offers extremely high adhesion and good sheer strength.
  • The 5 mils of acrylic adhesive have excellent gap filling properties and exhibits good adhesion to polyester and polyether foams.
  • Not intended for direct UV light.
  • Transparent
Technical Specs
5 mil Acrylic
4 mils, 60#, Moisture Stable Kraft Liner
Total Thickness:
9 mils (including liner)
Application Temperature:
70°F to 100°F
Temperature Range:
70°F to 100°F
Adhesion to Steel:
75 oz per inch

Made in the USA