Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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Pro® 931

Pro® 931

Heavy-duty, polyethylene film, single coated tape with a synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.
Pro® 4000 Medium Tack Paper Application Tape

Pro® 4000

Medium tack paper application tape for vinyl graphics used in sign making and surface protection.
Pro® 950 Thermosetting Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 950

Polyimide Film Tape
Pro® 960 Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 960

Green polyester film, single coated with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.
Pro® 952 Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 952

2 mils Polyimide/Kapton Tape
Pro® 950AS Anti-Static Thermosetting Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 950AS

Anti-Static Polyimide Film Tape
3M™ 7750AM Removeable Protective Film Tape

3M™ 7760AM Removable

Clear protective film with a durable hardcoat layer that protects against scratches, abrasion and chemicals.
Pro® 4000 Please Stay 6 Feet Apart

Pro® 4000 Cleaned & Sanitized

Medium tack paper application tape printed with the message Cleaned and Sanitized.