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Pro® JLAR II Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape


Optically clear polypropylene film tape.
Pro® 46 Colored Crepe Paper Tape

Pro® 46

Rubber based colored crepe paper tape.
Pro® Duct 120

Pro® Duct 120

Industrial grade cloth duct tape.
Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape

Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape

Highly versatile matte cloth tape used in the Arts & Entertainment industry for holding and sealing applications.
Pro® Duct 110 General Purpose Duct Tape

Pro® Duct 110

Pro® 110 is a 9 mils general purpose duct tape.
Shurtape® P665 General Purpose Gaffers Tape

Shurtape® P665

General purpose vinyl coated cloth tape.
Pro® 160

Pro® 160

Pro® 160 is a versatile, waterproof, poly/scrim duct tape.
Pro® 184HD Kraft Heavy Duty Paper Packaging Tape

Pro® 184HD Kraft

High tensile kraft flat back paper carton sealing tape.
Pro® 929 Heavy Duty Polyester Carton Sealing Tape

Pro® 929

Heavy Duty Polyester Box Sealing Tape.
Pro® 795

Pro® 795

General purpose masking tape.
Pro® Duct 100 Utility Grade Duct Tape

Pro® Duct 100

7 mils economy or utility grade duct tape.
Pro® Seal 300 General Purpose Carton Sealing Tape

Pro® Seal 300

Polypropylene general purpose carton sealing tape.
Shurtape® P665W Water Resistant Gaffers Tape

Shurtape® P665W

Water resistant general purpose vinyl coated cloth tape
Pro® Duct 139 Specialty Fluorescent Duct Tape

Pro® Duct 139

Specialty grade duct tape available in 4 brilliant fluorescent colors.
Pro® 185

Pro® 185

An economical flatback paper tape which offers a positive seal and excellent adhesion.
Pro 183 Kraft Light to Medium Paper Packaging Tape

Pro® 183 Kraft

Paper carton sealing tape for light to medium packaging.
Pro® 919 Water Resistant Heavy Duty Carton Sealing Tape

Pro® 919

Heavy Duty Carton Sealing Tape adhesive system
Pro®132 - 12 mils Heavy Duty Waterproof Cloth Duct Tape

Pro® 132

12 mils Heavy Duty Waterproof Cloth Duct Tape.