Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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Pro® Plus

Pro® Plus

Vinyl plastic insulating tape.
Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape

Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape

Highly versatile matte cloth tape used in the Arts & Entertainment industry for holding and sealing applications.
Pro® P-28

Pro® P-28

Individually boxed vinyl plastic insulating tape.
Pro® Friction Tape

Pro® Friction Tape

High-quality cotton fabric coated on both sides with a black rubber adhesive compound. Good adhesion to all types of surfaces.
3M™ Super 33+ Flame Retardant Electrical Tape (7 mils)

3M™ Super 33+

3M™ / Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape is a premium grade, 7 mils thick, flame-retardant all-weather vinyl-insulating tape for cable splices up to 600V.
3M™ 35 Colored Electrical Tape

3M™ 35

7 mils polyvinyl chloride (PVC) color coding tape.
Pro® 160

Pro® 160

Pro® 160 is a versatile, waterproof, poly/scrim duct tape.
Pro® 603

Pro® 603

10 mils pipe wrap tape.
Pro® AV-Cable Audio Visual Cable Hold Down Tape

Pro® AV-Cable

Polyethylene coated cloth laminated to a low gloss finish film, coated with a natural rubber based adhesive.
Pro® Framers Premium Cloth Mounting Tape

Pro® Framers

Pro® Framers is a premium polyethylene coated cloth tape.
Pro® Fast Hook & Loop Tape & Dispenser Hook & Loop Fastener Tape in Dispenser

Pro® Fast Hook & Loop Tape & Dispenser

Pro® Fast Hook & Loop Tape & Dispenser is a high performance hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive hook and loop tape dispenser package. Both the hook and loop tape are
Pro® 380 PVC Colored Premium Carton Sealing Tape (2.4 mils)

Pro® 380 PVC

High quality carton sealing tape with natural rubber based adhesive.
Pro® 167

Pro® 167

Glass Reinforced Polyester Strapping Tape.
Pro® 309 General Purpose Duct Tape (9 mils)

Pro® 309

9 mils multi-purpose duct tape.
Pro® 180 4 mils Filament Reinforced Strapping Tape

Pro® 180

Filament reinforced clear strapping tape.
3M™ Super 88 All Weather Electrical Tape

3M™ Super 88

Premium grade, all-weather vinyl insulating tape.
Pro® 162 Heavy Duty Filament Tape

Pro® 162

Heavy-duty filament tape.
Pro® 181 Medium Strength 175lb Tensile Filament Tape

Pro® 181

Medium strength 175 lb Tensile fiberglass reinforced Filament tape.