Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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  • Anti-Slip X

Pro® 17

Pro® 17

Embossed anti-slip PVC engineered with an aggressive adhesive system to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces.
Pro® 19 Glow Grit Non-skid Glow-in-the-Dark Grit Tape

Pro® 19 Glow Grit

Safety grade photoluminescent non-skid grit tape coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive.
Pro® 15 Commercial Grade Non-skid Grit Tape

Pro® 15

Commercial grade non-skid silicon carbide grit tape.
Pro® Rollerwrap 1000 Non-slip Cloth Tape

Pro® Rollerwrap 1000

Non-slip Tape is a silicone rubber coated cloth tape with a solvent based rubber adhesive system.
Pro® Grit Safety Stripes Industrial Grade Grit Safety Stripes

Pro® Grit Safety Stripes

Black/yellow striped safety grade aluminum oxide non-slip tape.