Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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Pro® 148

Pro® 148

Pro® 148 is a 17 mils heavy duty duct tape used for a wide variety of applications.
Pro® 400 Double-coated Crepe Paper Tape

Pro® 400

3.5 mils impregnated crepe paper coated on both sides with 2.5mils of rubber adhesive.
Pro® 15 Commercial Grade Non-skid Grit Tape

Pro® 15

Commercial grade non-skid silicon carbide grit tape.
Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape

Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair

Polypropylene clear to the core tape.
Pro 3008A 1/8" Double-coated Foam Bonding Tape, Acrylic Adhesive

Pro® 3008A

1/8" Acrylic based double coated foam tape developed for general purpose bonding applications.
Pro® Clear Book Repair Tape

Pro® Clear Book Repair

Pro® Clear Book Repair is a polypropylene general purpose book repair tape.
Pro® 1800 Closed-cell PVC Foam Tape

Pro® 1800

Single faced closed-cell PVC foam.
Pro® 708 8-Day Green Painter's Tape

Pro® 708

Green 8-day safe release painter's masking tape.
Pro® Digital Cloth Digital Cloth Backdrop Tape for Movie Studios

Pro® Digital Cloth

Polyester matte fabric with adhesive on one side.
Pro® Glow Safety Stripes Glow-in-the-Dark Safety Stripes

Pro Glow® Safety Stripes

Glow in the dark black/yellow striped flexible laminated, printed film immediately visible in sudden darkness.
Pro® 162 Heavy Duty Filament Tape

Pro® 162

Heavy-duty filament tape.
Pro® 181 Medium Strength 175lb Tensile Filament Tape

Pro® 181

Medium strength 175 lb Tensile fiberglass reinforced Filament tape.
Pro® 99 Attaching Tape

Pro® 99

Semi-transparent tape featuring a high tack, aggressive adhesive and tear by hand film/fiber backing.
Pro® Chalk Tape Erasable Surface Chalkboard Tape

Pro® Chalk Tape

Erasable surface tape that quickly transforms your work surface into a chalkboard.
Pro® Clear Wings Optically Clear Book Repair Tape Wing shaped for Book Corners

Pro® Clear Wings

Specifically designed for laminating and book re-pairs where clarity and strength are extremely important.
Pro® 140 - 10.5 mils Polyester Cotton Tape

Pro® 140

Polyester cotton blend pressure sensitive tape.
Pro® 785 5.8 mils Contractor Grade Crepe Paper Masking Tape

Pro® 785

Contractor grade, medium temperature masking tape.
Pro® 4000 Please Stay 6 Feet Apart

Pro® 4000 Cleaned & Sanitized

Medium tack paper application tape printed with the message Cleaned and Sanitized.