Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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DuvePro Permanent Felt Tape

Duve Pro

Polyester/felt joint with permanent acrylic adhesive on a silicone paper release liner.
Pro® 309 General Purpose Duct Tape (9 mils)

Pro® 309

9 mils multi-purpose duct tape.
Pro® 500W Double Coated Carpet Tape with White Liner

Pro® 500W

Woven cotton cloth, double-coated with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive. Supplied on White Liner.
Pro® 148

Pro® 148

Pro® 148 is a 17 mils heavy duty duct tape used for a wide variety of applications.
Pro® 730 5 mils Thermosetting Glass Cloth Tape

Pro® 730

Glass cloth substrate with a proprietary rubber based adhesive.
Pro® Digital Cloth Digital Cloth Backdrop Tape for Movie Studios

Pro® Digital Cloth

Polyester matte fabric with adhesive on one side.
Pro® Chroma Invisible Seaming of Chroma Backdrops Tape

Pro® Chroma

Invisible seaming of chroma colored back drops and cloths.
Pro® Silk Screen Premium Grade Cloth Silk Screen Processing Tape

Pro® Silk Screen

Quality-grade polyethylene coated cloth sealing tape.
Pro® 140 - 10.5 mils Polyester Cotton Tape

Pro® 140

Polyester cotton blend pressure sensitive tape.
Pro 1113N Binding & Protection Tape

Pro 1113N

Polyester cotton blend pressure sensitive tape.
Pro® 1152W Polyester Cotton Tape

Pro® 1152W

Polyester cotton blend pressure sensitive tape.