Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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  • Permanent Bond X

Pro® 400 Double-coated Crepe Paper Tape

Pro® 400

3.5 mils impregnated crepe paper coated on both sides with 2.5mils of rubber adhesive.
Pro® 1800 Closed-cell PVC Foam Tape

Pro® 1800

Single faced closed-cell PVC foam.
Pro® 700 Tamper Evident Tape

Pro® 700

Tamper Evident Tape designed to leave behind a hidden "OPENED" message when peeled away.
Pro® 99 Attaching Tape

Pro® 99

Semi-transparent tape featuring a high tack, aggressive adhesive and tear by hand film/fiber backing.
Pro® Grit Safety Stripes Industrial Grade Grit Safety Stripes

Pro® Grit Safety Stripes

Black/yellow striped safety grade aluminum oxide non-slip tape.