Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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  • Good Solvent Resistance X

Pro® 804L 3 mils Dead Soft Aluminum Foil Tape

Pro® 804L

3 mils aluminum foil tape with liner.
Pro® 180 4 mils Filament Reinforced Strapping Tape

Pro® 180

Filament reinforced clear strapping tape.
Pro® 950 Thermosetting Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 950

Polyimide Film Tape
Pro® 960 Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 960

Green polyester film, single coated with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.
Shurtape® J-Lar Library Clear-to-the-Core Tear-by-hand Tape

Shurtape® J-Lar Library

Polypropylene clear to the core tape that tears by hand.
Pro® 981 Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 981

1 mils Blue Polyester Tape
Pro® 721 High Temperature Crepe Paper Masking Tape

Pro® 721

High temperature masking tape.
Pro® Rollerwrap 1000 Non-slip Cloth Tape

Pro® Rollerwrap 1000

Non-slip Tape is a silicone rubber coated cloth tape with a solvent based rubber adhesive system.
Pro® 980 Red Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 980

1 mils Red Polyester Tape
Pro® 808L 2 mils Dead Soft Aluminum Foil Tape

Pro® 808L

High performance 2 mils dead soft aluminum foil with liner.
Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape

Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair

Polypropylene clear to the core tape.
Pro® 15 Commercial Grade Non-skid Grit Tape

Pro® 15

Commercial grade non-skid silicon carbide grit tape.
Pro® 952 Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 952

2 mils Polyimide/Kapton Tape
Pro® 730 5 mils Thermosetting Glass Cloth Tape

Pro® 730

Glass cloth substrate with a proprietary rubber based adhesive.
Pro® 216 Plate Mounting Tape

Pro® 216

Two sided coated vinyl mounting tape engineered to provide reliable secure adhesion to printing plates and cylinders.
Pro® 950AS Anti-Static Thermosetting Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 950AS

Anti-Static Polyimide Film Tape
3M™ Super 88 All Weather Electrical Tape

3M™ Super 88

Premium grade, all-weather vinyl insulating tape.
Pro® Clear Book Repair Tape

Pro® Clear Book Repair

Pro® Clear Book Repair is a polypropylene general purpose book repair tape.