Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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Pro® 981 Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 981

1 mils Blue Polyester Tape
Shurtape® J-Lar Library Clear-to-the-Core Tear-by-hand Tape

Shurtape® J-Lar Library

Polypropylene clear to the core tape that tears by hand.
Pro® 952 Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 952

2 mils Polyimide/Kapton Tape
Pro® 980 Red Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 980

1 mils Red Polyester Tape
Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape

Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair

Polypropylene clear to the core tape.
Pro® Clear Book Repair Tape

Pro® Clear Book Repair

Pro® Clear Book Repair is a polypropylene general purpose book repair tape.
Pro® 950AS Anti-Static Thermosetting Polyimide Film Tape

Pro® 950AS

Anti-Static Polyimide Film Tape
3M™ 7750AM Removeable Protective Film Tape

3M™ 7760AM Removable

Clear protective film with a durable hardcoat layer that protects against scratches, abrasion and chemicals.
Pro® Glow Safety Stripes Glow-in-the-Dark Safety Stripes

Pro Glow® Safety Stripes

Glow in the dark black/yellow striped flexible laminated, printed film immediately visible in sudden darkness.
Pro® 910 Optically Clear Polypropylene Film Carton Sealing Tape

Pro® 910

Optically clear Polypropylene Tape coated with a nonyellowing adhesive system.
Pro® 181 Medium Strength 175lb Tensile Filament Tape

Pro® 181

Medium strength 175 lb Tensile fiberglass reinforced Filament tape.
Pro® 99 Attaching Tape

Pro® 99

Semi-transparent tape featuring a high tack, aggressive adhesive and tear by hand film/fiber backing.
Pro® Chalk Tape Erasable Surface Chalkboard Tape

Pro® Chalk Tape

Erasable surface tape that quickly transforms your work surface into a chalkboard.