Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

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Pro® Glow Glow-in-the-Dark Tape

Pro Glow®

Non-radioactive chemical light source incorporated into a flexible vinyl film that glows after exposure to light.
Pro® Spike Stack Stack of Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape

Pro® Spike Stack

Rubber based cloth tape with a matte finish packaged as 4 FL Colors in a ready to use "stack".
Pro® 500B

Pro® 500B

A woven cotton cloth, double-coated tape with aggressive natural rubber adhesive on a blue liner.
Pro® Gaff Chroma Green Invisible Matte Cloth Chroma Backdrop Seaming Tape

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green

Matte cloth tape used for chroma backdrop seaming.
Pro® Drafting Tape Drafting & Stationary Trade Industrial Grade Masking Tape

Pro® Drafting Tape

Industrial grade masking tape with specially formulated adhesive system, designed for the drafting and stationary trades.
Pro® Costume Tape Double-coated Skin-friendly Tape

Pro® Costume Tape

Clear double-coated skin-friendly adhesive used to keep costumes or dresses in place.
Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape

Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape

Highly versatile matte cloth tape used in the Arts & Entertainment industry for holding and sealing applications.
Pro® Spike Corners Corners Shaped Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape

Pro® Spike Corners

Corner Shaped die cut matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system.
Pro® Duct 110 General Purpose Duct Tape

Pro® Duct 110

Pro® 110 is a 9 mils general purpose duct tape.
Pro® 156 ATG - 5 mils ATG Transfer Tape

Pro® 156 ATG

5 mils Adhesive Transfer Tape.
UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack Contractor Pack Double-coated Mounting Tape

UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack

UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack features 20 mils rubber based mounting adhesive pack of 250 1"x3in. strips.
Shurtape® P665 General Purpose Gaffers Tape

Shurtape® P665

General purpose vinyl coated cloth tape.
Pro® Flocking Tape Anti-Squeak Tape

Pro® Flocking Tape

Anti-squeak tape coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.
Caution Cable

Caution Cable

Custom printed version of Pro Gaff® tape used to cover and protect wire and cable.
Pro® Flash 65

Pro® Flash 65

Self-adhering membrane PP film with butyl hybrid adhesive on a PET liner.
UGlu® Industrial Roll Industrial Roll of Double-coated Mounting Tape

UGlu® Industrial Roll

UGlu® Industrial Roll features 20 mils rubber based mounting adhesive roll available in 1"x65ft. or 3/4"x65ft.
Pro® Pocket Spike Stack Bright Pocket sized Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape in Bright Colors

Pro® Pocket Spike Stack Bright

Five rolls of 1/2" wide matte cloth tape in a sleeve tower with UPC label.
Shurtape® P724 Premium Kraft Paper Tape

Shurtape® P724

Premium kraft paper tape.