Premium Adhesive Tape Catalog

Pro® JLAR II Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape


Optically clear polypropylene film tape.
Pro Gaff®

Pro Gaff®

Premium matte cloth tape trusted by professional gaffers worldwide.
Pro® Artist Tape

Pro® Artist Tape

Premium flatback paper tape.
Pro® 154 ATG

Pro® 154 ATG

2 mils Adhesive Transfer Tape
Pro® Console Tape Repositionable Writable Board Tape

Pro® Console Tape

Console Tape Premium Flatback Paper Tape
Pro® Flex: Patch & Shield Single Sided Butyl Tape

Pro® Flex Patch & Shield Tape

Pro® Flex Patch & Shield Tape is an aggressive, all weather, single sided butyl rubber adhesive tape.
UGlu® 600 Dashes Sheets Sheets of Dash Shaped Double-coated Mounting Tape

UGlu® 600 Dashes Sheets

UGlu® 600 Dash Sheets features 20 mils rubber based mounting adhesive squares 1/2"x5/8" on sheets.
Pro® Spike Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape

Pro® Spike

Matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system.
Pro® Gaff Chroma Green Invisible Matte Cloth Chroma Backdrop Seaming Tape

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green

Matte cloth tape used for chroma backdrop seaming.
Pro® Splice 50 Vinyl Safety Marking & Dance Floor Splicing Tape

Pro® Splice 50

Premium vinyl tape designed for safety marking and dance floor splicing.
Pro® Duct 120

Pro® Duct 120

Industrial grade cloth duct tape.
Pro® Drafting Tape Drafting & Stationary Trade Industrial Grade Masking Tape

Pro® Drafting Tape

Industrial grade masking tape with specially formulated adhesive system, designed for the drafting and stationary trades.
Pro® 46 Colored Crepe Paper Tape

Pro® 46

Rubber based colored crepe paper tape.
Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask

Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask

14 day blue painter's tape.
Pro® Glow Gaff Glow-in-the-Dark Gaffers

Pro Glow® Gaff

Premium gaffer product that glows in the dark.
Pro® Gaff Pocket Plus Gaffer Tape that Fits In Your Pocket or Camera Bag

Pro Gaff® Pocket Plus

Matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system on and 1.5" ID Core.
Pro® 788 Ultimate Masking Tape

Pro® 788 Ultimate Masking Tape

3.6 mil thick premium masking tape.
3M™ Super 33+ Flame Retardant Electrical Tape (7 mils)

3M™ Super 33+

3M™ / Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape is a premium grade, 7 mils thick, flame-retardant all-weather vinyl-insulating tape for cable splices up to 600V.