Adhesive Tapes for Equipment Manufacturers

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Adhesive Tapes for Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Pro Tapes® offers a diverse product line that is well suited for original equipment manufacturers. These product offerings allow OEM’s the ability to bond and assemble a wide variety of applications. Our product offerings reduce assembly costs while meeting a high aesthetic appearance and durability.

Products for Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)


Pro® HD Safety Stripes Vinyl Safety Stripes

Used for lane and floor marking, striping, warning and marking of hazardous areas and exists to comply with OSHA requirements.

Pro® Splice 50 Pro® Splice 50

Used for safety and marking. Common applications includes: safety, color coding & labeling, bundling, sealing and decorative.

Pro® Lite 36 Safety Reflective Tape

Used for short-term advertising/promotion, bumper stickers, vehicle emblems and a wide variety of decorative striping applications.

Caution Cable Printed Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape

Ideal for crime and fire scenes, construction sites, roadwork areas, sporting venues and any place where crowd control is required.

Pro® 15 Commercial Grade Non-skid Grit Tape

Used for indoor and outdoor applications that require long term anchorage to a wide variety of surfaces. Farm machinery, construction equipment, fork lifts, cherry pickers, steps, stairs, platforms, snowmobiles, ATV's, garden tractors, lawn mowers, wet & oily areas, loading docks, cold storage, catwalks, ramps, ladders, step stools, scaffolds, airline decks, cargo holds, trains, semi-trailers, buses, ship decks, water ski's, surf boards, jet ski's boats, conveyors, pulleys, food service area, machine shops, garages and auto repair shops.

Pro® 17 Embossed Vinyl Anti-slip Tape

Used in a wide range of applications from stairs, to boats, to bookshelves. It is designed for indoor non-skid applications that require long term anchorage to a wide variety of flat surfaces. It has been successfully used in applications such as showers and tubs.

Pro® Duct 100 7 mils Utility Grade Duct Tape

Commonly used for maintenance and general repair, color coding & Labeling, joint sealing, pipe wrapping, bundling, patching, mending, wire/cable hold down and heavy duty box sealing.

Pro® Duct 110 9 mils General Purpose Duct Tape

Used for bundling, patching, mending, color coding, general repair, sealing off polyethylene waste disposal bags, heavy-duty box sealing, general purpose abatement and contractor uses.

Pro® Duct 120 Industrial Grade Duct Tape (10 mils)

Typically used in the HVAC industry on sheet metal and flex duct. Pro® 120 is a good utility grade duct tape used in the automotive industry and commercial trucks. It is also used for carton sealing, book binding, seat repair, splicing, packaging, masking, holding and bundling.

Pro Gaff® Premium Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Used for temporary holding of light fixtures, wire and cable hold down, marking and labeling equipment cases, high visibility for marking of stairs, exits and bundling of cables.

Pro Glow® Gaff Glow-in-the-Dark Gaffers

Used for safety, board/console tape, wire/cable hold down, dance floor marking, decorative, SRA, stage safety including marking stairs, exits.

Pro® Friction Tape Friction Abrasion Protection Tape

Used for temporary binding & harnessing, bundling. It provides mechanical protection for rubber electric tape. Provides mechanical protection against abrasion & penetration of cable splices & wire.

Pro® 804L 3 mils Dead Soft Aluminum Foil Tape

Used as decorative, sealing, vapor barrier protection, waterproof sealing, heat reflection/dissipation, and reliable properties for masking and paint stripping and electroplating.

Pro® 882L Conductive Copper Foil Tape

Used as a solder able for circuit repair on PC boards, electromagnetic and radio frequency. Conductive adhesive offers excellent shielding effectiveness.

Pro® Plus Electrical Tape

Used in insulating wire splices, harness wrapping and general industrial maintenance. Common application includes: Safety, color coding & labeling, splicing, binding & harnessing, coil wrap banding and bundling.

Pro® Thread Seal Tape Thread Seal Tape

Used to lubricate a wide variety of joints, making them easy to assemble for leak proof seals. It is also used in industrial applications including water, oil, gas, most chemicals, hydraulic and high pressure lines.

UGlu® Industrial Roll Industrial Roll of Double-coated Mounting Tape

Ideal for mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding and quick repair without tools. Roll sizes available in ¾”x65FT and 1”x65FT; Contractor Pack: 250 of 1”x3” strips.

UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack Contractor Pack Double-coated Mounting Tape

Ideal for mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding and quick repair without tools. Roll sizes available in ¾”x65FT and 1”x65FT; Contractor Pack: 250 of 1”x3” strips.