Adhesive Tapes for General Industrial Adhesives

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Adhesive Tapes for general industrial applications

Our general industrial adhesive solutions are suitable for use on a wide range of materials and variety of applications such as mounting, bundling, masking, packaging, surface protection, laminating, splicing and sealing. We also custom slit in any widths & lengths or in die-cut shapes/sizes.

Products for General Industrial

Pro® Duct 120 Industrial Grade Duct Tape (10 mils)

Typically used in the HVAC industry on sheet metal and flex duct. Pro® 120 is a good utility grade duct tape used in the automotive industry and commercial trucks. It is also used for carton sealing, book binding, seat repair, splicing, packaging, masking, holding and bundling.

Pro® Duct 139 9 mils Specialty Fluorescent Duct Tape

Pro® 139 is used for various applications including bundling, sealing cartons, repairing seats, color coding, binding books, and splicing.

Pro® 160 Transparent Waterproof Duct Tape (6 mils)

Pro® 160 can be used in a wide range of sealing, joining, repairing, binding and protecting in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Pro 160® is weather resistant for indoor / outdoor use.

Pro® 140 10.5 mils Polyester Cotton Tape

Pro® 140 is commonly used a harness wrap tape, bundling, molding, coils, and short term high temperature resistance applications.

Pro® 180 4 mils Filament Reinforced Strapping Tape

Used for packaging, tabbing, splicing, binding & harnessing, coil wrap, banding, bundling, palletizing and unitizing applications.

Pro® 183 Kraft Light to Medium Paper Packaging Tape

Used for light-to-medium carton sealing, packaging, picture framing, bundling, sealing, splicing and tabbing.

Pro® 188 Heavy Duty Clean Removal Tensilized Strapping Tape

Ideal for coil tabbing, L-clip, packaging, tabbing, splicing, bundling and sealing.

Pro® 919 3 mils Water Resistant Heavy Duty Carton Sealing Tape

Designed for automatic packaging and carton sealing equipment lines where heavy duty carton sealing applications. Common applications: packaging, label protection, splicing, bundling and sealing.

Pro® Seal 300 General Purpose Carton Sealing Tape

Recommended for all general purpose hot melt carton sealing applications; packaging, sealing, label protection. Designed for smooth, easy dispensing.

Pro® 700 Tamper Evident Tape

Designed to leave behind a hidden "OPENED" message when peeled away by unwanted parties. Formulated to seal a variety of surfaces such as paper and plastic security envelope flaps as well as corrugated packages and boxes.

Pro® 46 Colored Crepe Paper Tape

Used on a wide variety of smooth substrates as a printed or unprinted general purpose tape. Used for packaging, bundling, binding, edging & cropping, holding, splicing, banding, labeling, color coding, decorating and identification.

Pro® 795 General purpose masking tape

Used for light bundling, packaging and closing, temporary holding and light duty masking.

Pro® 4000 Medium Tack Paper Application Tape

Pro® 4000 is designed for applying vinyl lettering and graphics in sign making and surface protection.

Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask 14-Day Painter's Tape

Pro® Scenic 714 is a 14day painter’s tape that removes cleanly from coated surfaces, unfinished wood, wallpaper, and new, unpainted or freshly painted wall board for up to 14 days-even in direct sunlight.

UGlu® Industrial Roll Industrial Roll of Double-coated Mounting Tape

Ideal for mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding and quick repair without tools. Roll sizes available in ¾”x65FT and 1”x65FT; Contractor Pack: 250 of 1”x3” strips.

Pro® 410 Double-coated Tissue Bonding Tape (7.8 mils)

Pro® 410 can be used for bonding and laminating to a wide variety of cloths, vinyl's, corks, paper, rigid and flexible plastics. It is can also be used for mounting displays, such as signs, covers, posters, and nameplates.

Pro® 500B Double Coated Carpet Tape

Pro® 500B is used for tabbing, general mounting, temporary holding of POP displays and carpet Installation.

Pro® 965 Double-coated Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 965 is used for splicing, laminating, general purpose bonding and mounting of decorative profiles and moldings and abs plastic parts in the car industry. The adhesive system is especially resistant to plasticizers and offers a secure bond even at elevated temperatures.

Pro® 970 Double-coated Vinyl Tape

Pro® 970 is used for fixing the decorative trim. It also provides a permanent bonding to most substrates such as metal, wood, glass, cement and plastics.

Pro® 3032 1/32" Double-coated Foam Bonding Tape

Ideal for mounting, bonding, vibration dampening. Adhesion bonds to most surfaces including low energy materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. The foam carrier provides a gap filling function at aids in joining of uneven or irregular surfaces. Thickness options: 1/8”, 1/16” and 1/32” (excludes liner). Available in Black. Other Adhesive type: Acrylic adhesive system available, please inquire.

Pro® Net 10 Micro Scrim Reinforced Adhesive Transfer Tape

Used for mounting, difficult bonding application, laminating and permanent fastener. It has excellent quick stick for permanent bond applications on plastics, metals, nonwovens, felts, foams including polyurethane, polyether, polyester, neoprene, polyethylene and EPDM.

Pro® 5110G Double-coated Acrylic Foam EHB Tape (45 mils)

Pro® 5110G is used in many indoor and outdoor applications for bonding, vibration dampening, splicing, and permanent fastening. It bonds well to metals, glass, painted surfaces, and medium/low surface energy plastics.

Pro® 154 ATG 2 mils ATG Transfer Tape

Pro 154 ATG can be used for laminating, mounting and nameplate applications, aluminum foil identification plates, and miscellaneous holding.

Pro® Friction Tape Friction Abrasion Protection Tape

Pro® Friction is used for temporary binding, harnessing, bundling and it provides mechanical protection against abrasion and penetration of cable splices and wire for rubber electric tape.

Pro® 603 PVC Pipe Wrap (10 mils)

Pro® 603 is used for wire harnessing, sealing, bundling, safety, insulating, protection and color coding of electrical wires.

Pro® 882L Conductive Copper Foil Tape

Used as a solder able for circuit repair on PC boards, electromagnetic and radio frequency. Conductive adhesive offers excellent shielding effectiveness.

Pro® 730 5 mils Thermosetting Glass Cloth Tape

Used for coil wrap banding and crossover insulation. Ideal for RF shielding and electroplating applications.

Pro® 950 1 mils Thermosetting Polyimide Film Tape

Pro 950® is ideal for the following residue-free protective applications: surface protection, powder coated surfaces, splicing, coil wrap banding, circuit board protection, and fragile precious goods and hardware products. It can also be used for end turn bundling and connection insulation in small motors, as well as, wave solder masking of printed circuit boards and in electronics where anti-static is necessary.

Pro® 960 2 mils Polyester Film Tape

Ideal for common applications such as: Surface protection, Powder Coated Surfaces, Splicing, Coil Wrap Banding, Circuit Board protection commonly used in Tabbing, Splicing, and Circuit Board protection applications. Engineered for applications where no/low residue is a requirement. Designed to perform in all phases of masking operations for printed circuit board production. Also protects circuitry from splashes and chemical fumes.

Pro® Plus Electrical Tape

Used in insulating wire splices, harness wrapping and general industrial maintenance. Common application includes: Safety, color coding & labeling, splicing, binding & harnessing, coil wrap banding and bundling.

Pro® Splice 50 Pro® Splice 50

Pro® Splice 50 is used for stage floor marking, safety marking, color coding, labeling, bundling and sealing.

Pro® Lite 36 Safety Reflective Tape

Used for short-term advertising/promotion, bumper stickers, vehicle emblems and a wide variety of decorative striping applications.

Pro® 15 Commercial Grade Non-skid Grit Tape

Pro® 15 is a non-slip grit tape that is used for indoor and outdoor applications that require long term anchorage to a wide variety of surfaces such as steps, stairs, construction equipment, ship decks, trains, trailers, loading docks, catwalks, ramps, ladders, step stools, scaffolds, airline decks, cargo holds, water ski's, surf boards and conveyors.

Pro® Sheen Metalized Polyester Film

Pro® Sheen is excellent for use in decorative striping, edging of a wide variety of surfaces and as a sensing tape where automatic equipment is used in sorting, counting or identifying roll splices and end of rolls.

Pro® Rollerwrap 1000 Non-slip Cloth Tape

Used for roll covering in web processing applications.

Pro® Imperial Measurement Tape Imperial Ruler Repositionable Kraft Paper Tape

Used as a repositionable ruler with Imperial measurements. It is perforated every 12-inch ruler and removes cleanly. It is ideal for tough situations where you can’t hold a tape measure.

Pro® Metric Measurement Tape Metric Ruler Repositionable Kraft Paper Tape

Used as a repositionable ruler with metric measurements. It is perforated every 20 centimeters and removes cleanly. It is ideal for tough situations where you can’t hold a tape measure.

Cable Path® Smooth Center Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape

Used for safety, temporary holding and wire/cable hold down. The center portion has a smooth surface for pulling cable and wire through. It will hold firmly for extended periods of time on most surfaces and remove without residue.

Pro Gaff® Premium Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Used for temporary holding of light fixtures, wire and cable hold down, marking and labeling equipment cases, high visibility for marking of stairs, exits and bundling of cables.