Adhesive Tapes for Framing & Insulation

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Adhesive Tapes for Framing & Insulation applications

Premium tapes for temporary holding, labeling, and insulation tapes.

Products for Framing & Insulation

Pro® 185 Flatback Paper Tape

Pro® 185 is a general purpose economical flatback tape that will stick to a wide variety of substrates. Pro® 185 can be used for holding, tabbing, reinforcing, banding and patching.

Pro® 920 Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

Pro® 920 can be used to weatherproof machinery, color code complex conduit systems, repair and insulate damaged wiring, stop pressurized leaks, and pipe insulation.

Pro® 917 Polyester Film House Wrap Tape

Pro® 917 can be used in house wrapping, sealing seams, joints, crawl spaces, foam insulation boards, and vapor barriers.

Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask 14-Day Painter's Tape

Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask is used wherever masking will be exposed to weather/outdoor conditions, interior masking of windows (where adhesive will be directly exposed to sunlight). Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask is compatible for use on lacquer or polyurethane-coated surfaces, unfinished wood, wallpaper and new/unpainted or freshly painted wallboard.

Pro® 788 Ultimate Masking Tape 60 Day Premium Painter’s Tape

Pro® 788 is a professional 60 day painter’s tape with a flat, smooth backing specifically designed for use where UV resistance and clean removal are required. Pro® 788 is excellent for use in surface sensitive applications such as painted drywall.

Pro® 795 General purpose masking tape

Pro® 795 provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces in a number of fields including light bundling, light duty masking, and packaging or sealing.

Pro® 888C Carpet Protection Tape

Pro® 888C is a clear co-extruded multi-polymer film coated with a very high-tack acrylic adhesive system designed especially to help provide temporary protection of carpets, fabric interiors and carpeted door panels. Lies flat and creates a secure bond while still allowing for removability without tearing or silvering. Pro® 888C is recommended for temporary protection of carpet and fabric made from synthetic fibers. Users should determine if suitable for specific application.

Pro® 924 Single Coated Polyethylene Tape (7.5 mils)

Common applications for Pro® 924 include: hanging, splicing, seaming and patching of polyethylene sheeting. Multi‐purpose sealing, bonding and repair within asbestos/abatement removal applications. General surface protection of a range of materials. Temporary masking. Holding/hanging of sheeting.

Pro® 931 Single Coated Polyethylene Tape (9 mils)

Common applications for Pro® 931 include: agricultural general purpose repair and protection, wire identification, high durability surface protection, polyethylene splicing. General industrial masking, bundling, splicing and repair applications. All‐purpose waterproof sealing applications.

Pro® 200HD Embossed Vinyl Tape

Pro® 200HD is commonly used as a seaming tape for vinyl faced fiberglass insulation (i.e. metal buildings).