Adhesive Tapes for Rigging and Electrical

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Rigging and Electrical Adhesives

Pro Tapes® has offers a variety of professional adhesive tape solutions to improve the process of rigging, hoisting, electrical, stage and equipment marking, and many associated applications.

Products for Rigging and Electrical

Pro Gaff® Premium Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Pro Gaff® is the product of choice for bundling or securing cables and ropes and marking equipment cases for easy identification. Available in fluorescent colors that are UV reactive to safety mark drop offs, cables, exits, hazards, etc.

Pro® Duct 120 Industrial Grade Duct Tape (10 mils)

Pro® Duct 120 is a premium, high adhesion duct tape that does not plasticize on cables. Features a water-resistant backing that is easy to tear, removes cleanly from carpets and cables, and comes in many standard colors.

Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask 14-Day Painter's Tape

Pro® Scenic Blue Mask is the professional’s choice for painter’s masking tape. For masking areas that need to have tape applied for up to two weeks. Removes cleanly.

Pro® Gaff Flyhouse Rigging Label Tape Printed Matte Cloth Tape Labels

Pro Gaff® Flyhouse Rigging Labels are a time-saving, professional solution for labeling rigging. These handy labels come printed with critical informational input areas, such as show #, weights, bricks and trim. Easy to write on, and remove cleanly.

Pro® Console Tape Premium Flatback Paper Tape

Pro® Console is a flatback printable paper that is repositionable and used to mark sound or lighting consoles as well as electrical racks.

Caution Cable Printed Matte Cloth Gaffers Tape

Pro® Caution Cable is a highly visible tape and essential for marking trip hazards wherever cables are run. Available in other standard prints, including “RIGGING CREW” and more.

Pro Glow® Gaff Glow-in-the-Dark Gaffers

Pro® Glow Gaff is the perfect solution for when the lights go down. Glows after exposure to UV or ambient light. Writeable. Ideal for labeling and safety marking low doorways, steps, stage endings or exits.

Pro® Friction Tape Friction Abrasion Protection Tape

Pro® Friction creates a non-slip grip. Provides protection against abrasion & penetration of cable splices & wire.

Pro® Plus Electrical Tape

Pro® Plus is premium vinyl UL listed and Prop 65 compliant electrical tape. Available in 11 colors for wire insulating, splicing, and color coding. Individually packed in containers that can be repurposed to hold GOBOS and other items.

Pro® P-28 Boxed Electrical Tape

Pro® P28 is UL listed and Prop 65 compliant electrical tape. Offers a variety of colors; perfect for color coding wires, connections, etc.