Adhesive Tapes for Professional Lighting & Sound

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Professional Lighting & Sound Adhesives

Lighting and sound professionals need expendables for cable management, labeling and marking boards and equipment, creating safety marks, and more. Whether you’re designing for permanent installations or modular systems, Pro Tapes® branded tapes are the perfect, flexible solution.

Products for Professional Lighting & Sound

Pro Gaff® Premium Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Pro Gaff® is the industry leading adhesive tape for professional lighting and sound. We offer Pro Gaff® in dark, matte, and non-reflective colors as well as high visibility, UV-reactive colors in a variety of sizes.

Pro® Console Tape Premium Flatback Paper Tape

Pro® Console Tape is the premier choice for board marking. Available in 4 UV friendly colors that are perfect for low lighting. The smooth paper backing makes it writeable with pens and markers.

Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape

Shurtape® JLAR Gel Repair is a biaxially oriented clear polypropylene film that features a non-yellowing acrylic adhesive. Originally created for gel repair, it is the go-to product for repairing any film or screen that must maintain perfect clarity.

Pro® 154 ATG 2 mils ATG Transfer Tape

Pro® 154 ATG “Snot Tape” is the best value for ATG tape. 2 mils thick of fiber filled acrylic adhesive that is easier to apply than glue, without drying time or legging. Ideal for holding temporary signage or props.

Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape Professional Grade Gaffers Tape

Shurtape® P672 is the perfect choice of gaffers tape when dealing with moisture or dipping temperatures. Features maximum light absorption and high adhesion. Removes cleanly from most surfaces, including vinyl cables.

Pro® Plus Electrical Tape

Pro® Plus Premium vinyl UL listed and Prop 65 compliant electrical tape. Available in 11 designer colors for wire insulating, splicing, and color coding. Individually packed in polyethylene containers, perfect for repurposing in your toolbox.

Pro® P-28 Boxed Electrical Tape

Pro® P-28 UL listed and Prop 65 compliant electrical tape. Offers a variety of colors; perfect for color coding wires, connections, etc.