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Film & TV Adhesives

Cinematographers, directors, film editors, lighting designers, and a myriad of other film & television professionals understand the importance of every component in front of a lens. That’s why Pro Tapes® offers a line of specialized expendable solutions. In addition to our products, Pro Tapes® has partnered with Shurtape® to bring additional high-quality tape solutions to benefit the film & television Industry.

Products for Film and Television

Pro Gaff® Premium Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Pro Gaff® is our industry leading, multi-purpose expendable with a high tensile strength. Available in light-absorbing black and neutral matte colors for blending into the background, as well as high visibility, UV reactive fluorescents that stand out.

Pro Gaff® Chroma Green Invisible Matte Cloth Chroma Backdrop Seaming Tape

Pro Gaff® Chroma Key Green is specifically designed for digital keying. The only gaffer tape on the market that is dyed to Chroma Key Green’s exacting requirements. The SRA adhesive system provides high tack and clean removability from most surfaces.

Pro® Digital Cloth Digital Cloth Backdrop Tape for Movie Studios

Pro® Digital Cloth is your digital keying solution on set. Matte fabric tape available in Digital Green and Digital Blue. Unlike paint, it’s easy to remove and maintains a consistent color.

Shurtape® P743 Paper Photographic Masking Tape

Shurtape® P743 features a matte black, highly light absorbent backing with no light leaks or reflections. Film professionals use P743 to close light leaks on camera baffles or to mask an area where complete darkness is necessary.

Shurtape® Professional Grade P672 Gaff Tape Professional Grade Gaffers Tape

Shurtape® P672 features high adhesion even in cold weather, as well a light absorbent, non-reflective backing. The high-quality synthetic rubber resin removes cleanly from cables and most surfaces.

Shurtape® J-Lar Gel Repair Optically Clear Gel Repair Tape

Shurtape® Jlar Gel Repair is the professional’s choice for lighting gel repair or hold down. Clear to the core tape that features minimal shrink and/or expansion due to temperature changes. High temp acrylic adhesive resists yellowing.

Pro® Duct 120 Industrial Grade Duct Tape (10 mils)

Pro® Duct 120 is water and weather-resistant duct tape ideal for bundling and securing outdoors or when moisture is present. Adheres well to uneven, damp, or dirty surfaces, yet removes well from most surfaces, including carpets and cables.

Pro® 965 Double-coated Polyester Film Tape

Pro® 965 is permanent double-sided tape on a red liner. Ultra-high adhesion that adheres to a wide variety of substrates. The bond gets stronger the longer the tape is applied. Perfect for assembling sets, signs, plaques, and more.

Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Mask 14-Day Painter's Tape

Pro® Scenic 714 is the professional’s choice for painter’s masking tape. Features 14-day UV exposure resistance. Thin paint line and good holding power that removes with ease