Pro Tapes® is committed to a culture of being friendly to the environment and maintaining the highest corporate citizenship standard, protecting the health and safety of our employees while positively impacting the community in which we operate.

Pro Tapes® maintains a strong sense of social responsibility through our financial support of, and active involvement in, many local charitable organizations.


40 Years

Experience in Adhesives

Glory Daze Picnic 2015, 2nd Fundraising Event for Woman who Suffered from a Brain Aneurysm

Glory Daze Picnic 2015 2nd Fundraising event to benefit Maria Lavid on Saturday, August 29th. Maria Lavid is paralyzed on her left side after suffering a brain aneurysm that burst while in surgery. Maria has no medical insurance and the fundraiser goes directly to assist with her medical bills. Mike Hart and Russ Hart from Pro Tapes® volunteered for the event from 7:00am to 8:00pm setting-up, cooking food and cleaning up. Pro Tapes® also donated some Caution Ribbon tape needed for the event.

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