Pro Tapes® is committed to a culture of being friendly to the environment and maintaining the highest corporate citizenship standard, protecting the health and safety of our employees while positively impacting the community in which we operate.

Pro Tapes® maintains a strong sense of social responsibility through our financial support of, and active involvement in, many local charitable organizations.


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Pro Tapes Expands Its Partnership in 5th Year with Youth-Based Entrepreneurship Program, "Minding Our Business"

Pro Tapes® & Specialties® is excited to announce that we will enter into our 5th year of partnership with Minding Our Business, one of the premier youth entrepreneurship training programs in the country. Year Five will be a special year for our partnership, as we help the Minding Our Business program expand to include business mentoring and business networking to their already robust entrepreneur training curriculum. Minding Our Business has been successfully providing at-risk youth in historically underserved communities in New Jersey with education and training about business, money management, and entrepreneurship. To date, the Minding Our Business program has served over 5,500 young men and women with training opportunities.

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