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About Wide Web Slitting at Pro Tapes®

Slitting directly from master or jumbo rolls using a wide web slitter is the most cost effective slitting method. Pro Tapes® has eleven wide web slitting units, six of which are fully automated. Wide web slitting allows for a higher yield per spin (higher output), less waste/scrap, and it produces the best quality.

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Wide Web Slitting Capabilities

  • Out of the eleven (11) wide web slitters owned by Pro Tapes®, six (6) are fully automatic machines with a vast array of features, including wrapping and packaging
  • Universal tooling enables Pro® to automatically produce roll widths greater than 75mm
  • Inline automatic closed core shrink wrapping & open core sleeve wrapping
  • In-line PSA roll labeling system
  • In-line automatic case assembly & auto packaging
  • In-line open & close core wrapping
  • Slitting methods: razor, score and shear set up capabilities
  • Cores sizes: 1”, 1 ½”, 3”, up to 6” core I.D.
  • Finished rolls up to 800mm O.D. with automatic off load
  • Wide Web Laminating: 6 units, up to 1800mm wide (70.87”)
  • Rewind methods: lock core, slip core, traditional differential and pneumatic differential (each roll is independent) core
  • Profile controls: minimum gap, center surface, taper tension, and lay on rollers
  • Substrates: Non-PSA, PSA Single-faced, PSA Double-coated, Paper, Cloth, Films, Specialty, Butyl Rubber, Foams, Vinyl, PVC, etc.
  • Tabbing: Standard paper tabs for start-up and double-coated tabs for non-PSA products or linered products.
  • Capable to convert any type of PSA or non-PSA material up to 5mm in thickness
  • Computerized winding controls with programmable roll profile, adjusting torque and speed
  • Maximum rewind diameter up to 800mm
  • Automatic blade positioning with accuracy of +/_ 0.1mm
  • Laser core positioning
  • Storable production recipes for repeatability
Wide Web Slitting Red Tape
Wide Web Slitting Brown Tape
Wide Web Slitting White Tape
Wide Web Slitting Yellow Tape

Packaging Solutions

Pro Tapes® provides custom printing and custom packaging solutions, along with in-house design and support. Raise brand awareness, and keep your product looking fresh. Learn more.

12 Rolls Accordion Style Wrapping
Shrink Wrapping 12 Rolls Accordion Style
Multiple Large Rolls Boxed
Inner Pack with Silicone Sheets
Polybagged Packaging
Bagged w/ Desiccant Packs and Core Plugs
Bagged w/ Desiccant Packs and Core Plugs
Roll Label with UPC Barcode
Half-moon Roll Label
Half-moon Roll Label