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Narrow Web Slitting Converting Services

About Narrow Web Slitting at Pro Tapes®

When volume doesn’t warrant wide web slitting, Pro Tapes® has the ability to economically process short runs on our narrow web slitters.

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Narrow Web Slitting Capabilities

  • Slitting methods: razor, score, rotary die and shear
  • Widths: 6mm to 300mm
  • Tolerance: +/- .03125, .005 upon request
  • Core sizes: 1” 1 ½” and 3”, up to 18” finished roll O.D.
  • Laminating: five substrates up to 300mm
  • Rewind methods: lock, slip and differential (each roll is independent) core
  • Tabbing: Standard paper tabs for start-up and double-coated tabs for non-PSA products and linered products
  • Substrates: Non-PSA, PSA Single-faced, PSA Double-coated, Paper, Cloth, Films, Specialty, Butyl Rubber, Foams, Vinyl, PVC, etc.
Narrow Web Slitting Blue Tape
Narrow Web Slitting White Tape
Narrow Web Slitting Blue Tape

Packaging Solutions

Pro Tapes® provides custom printing and custom packaging solutions, along with in-house design and support. Raise brand awareness, and keep your product looking fresh. Learn more.

12 Rolls Accordion Style Wrapping
Shrink Wrapping 12 Rolls Accordion Style
Multiple Large Rolls Boxed
Inner Pack with Silicone Sheets
Polybagged Packaging
Bagged w/ Desiccant Packs and Core Plugs
Bagged w/ Desiccant Packs and Core Plugs
Roll Label with UPC Barcode
Half-moon Roll Label
Half-moon Roll Label