Flatbed Die-Cutting

Adhesive Foam Flatbed Die Cutting

About Flatbed Die-Cutting at Pro Tapes®

A flatbed die cutting press is a hydraulically operated machine which uses a steel rule die to “click cut” or punch out die cut parts by driving the die in a downward motion through the material.

The advantages of flatbed die cutting include less expensive tooling and the ability to slit much thicker substrates with less waste.

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Flatbed Die-Cutting Capabilities

  • Can process thicker and larger parts
  • Processing of thicker Volara foams for medical use
  • 12” x 12” die dimensions / Steel rule tooling

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12 Rolls Accordion Style Wrapping
Shrink Wrapping 12 Rolls Accordion Style
Multiple Large Rolls Boxed
Inner Pack with Silicone Sheets
Polybagged Packaging
Bagged w/ Desiccant Packs and Core Plugs
Bagged w/ Desiccant Packs and Core Plugs
Roll Label with UPC Barcode
Half-moon Roll Label
Half-moon Roll Label