Why Jeannette of Elcos Balloons Uses UGlu® for Professional Party Décor

Jeanette is the owner of Elcos Balloons, a party décor business based in Atlanta, Georgia. In today’s interview, we’ll find out why she loves UGlu® and how it helps her assemble professional décor and balloon arrangements!

Do you have a website or any social media sites you’d like to share with our audience?

Our website: www.elcosballoons.com

Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elcosballoon

How long have you been in the party décor business, and how did you get started?

I have been running my business since 2006. It started with me just decorating for events for our church, and it transformed from there into the business that it is today!

The happiness of her clients is what inspires Jeannette of Elcos Balloons to be innovative with her balloon arrangements

What inspires your balloon artwork? What is your favorite type of event to make balloon décor for?

When we deliver a balloon arrangement to our clients’ home, or they enter a space we’ve decorated, the amazement and happiness that lights up their faces… that’s our greatest inspiration!

It inspires us to be innovative with our creations and always develop new techniques in the art of balloon arrangement.

Weddings are our favorite events to design and decorate for! We love enhancing the atmosphere with our various models of latex and metallic balloons.

Jeannette also uses other Pro Tapes® products, like this fluorescent Pro Gaff tape (which is UV Light reactive!) to enhance her décor.
Jeannette also uses other Pro Tapes® products, like this fluorescent Pro Gaff tape (which is UV Light reactive!) to enhance her décor.

Which Pro Tapes® tape products do you use now, and how do you use them? What do our Pro Tapes® products allow you to do that other products do not?

We use UGlu® Dashes for many things, including flower and balloon arrangements.

UGlu® Dashes have a very strong hold when sticking them to each other and to many other surfaces. It really sticks together! They give me confidence that the design of our arrangements will maintain its original shape, even when we’re transporting it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I even use UGlu® for flower arrangements! It’s great for creating big, leafy structures. I have to make sure the leaves are completely dry first before I use them. Once I apply the UGlu® to the leaves, it becomes transparent, so you don’t even notice it!

Jeannette also uses UGlu® tape in her flower arrangements to create unique bouquets for her party decor business

If someone has never used Pro Tapes® products for their décor before, what advice would you give them?

Pro Tapes® has created a great variety of very high quality products with their UGlu® line. These products will absolutely meet your needs in the world of flower arrangements and balloon decorations, without leaving behind marks or destroying your designs.

If you have not tried their products before, I really recommend them!


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