Party planner Christie Hart-Krupski of Every Excuse for a Party

UGlu®: Party Planner Christie Hart-Krupski’s Dream Product!

Christie Hart-Krupski is a local party planner based in New Jersey with a passion for balloon arrangements. She came by our headquarters to setup a special balloon arrangement just for Pro Tapes®, and we asked her a few questions too! Check it out:

Check out the amazing balloon arrangement Christie made for us, using UGlu®:

Do you have a website or any social media sites you’d like to share with our audience?

Yes of course…



FACEBOOK: @everyexcuseforaparty

TIKTOK: Everyexcuseforaparty

Christie made balloon arrangements for family and friends before starting her professional party planning business

How long have you been in the party planning & balloon décor business?

I worked with balloons here and there for years (along with other party décor) just for family and friends… but it was just last February (2020) that I decided to officially start my own company and do this for real!

What is your favorite type of balloon décor to design for parties?  

My favorite type of balloon arrangements to setup are definitely balloon backdrops. I get a theme from the client and they usually let me decide what the design will look like.

I love these because I can let my creativity run wild. Balloon backdrops also tend to become a focal point for the occasion, and creating that drives me.  I love helping others make great memories!

Christie loves making balloon backdrops that become the focal point of an event

How did you discover Pro Tapes® products?

I was actually a former employee of Pro Tapes® for 16 years! That came in quite handy when it came time to start my balloon business, since I already knew which tapes would be the best for the job!

Knowing the right type of tape to use is key in creating elaborate balloon displays. The conditions of the materials being used, weather conditions for outdoor applications, indoor applications, and structure, are all key in knowing what tape is going to work best and also adhere safely and cleanly to the surface without leaving any damage behind for the client.

Which Pro Tapes® products do you use, and how do you use them?

UGlu® is my number one!! UGlu® sticks to so many different surfaces and materials. It performs well indoors as well as outdoors in a variety temperature ranges. It even holds up to wet weather, like rain!!! It’s incredible useful!

UGlu® is also non-toxic, and that is super handy when doing events for children.

I also use Pro Gaff® & different Pro® Duct tapes to cover the bases of my balloon stands, to better match the colors of different themes. These tapes are durable and easy to use, and applying them is a quick process in place of painting.

Do you use UGlu® for other types of décor, besides balloons?

I use UGlu® for EVERYTHING, LOL!! Besides balloons, my decor can contain an array of different materials… fabrics, lighting elements, wood, metal… and guess what? UGlu® sticks to them all!

UGlu® is a party planner’s dream product. Especially since it creates an amazing bond yet still removes cleanly and leaves items undamaged, to be used over and over again!

Christie loves UGlu because it can be used indoors and outdoors in many weather conditions, even in the rain


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