Top Tapes for Retail POP Displays

Point-of-purchase displays are a crucial part of the in-store retail shopping and marketing experience. POP Displays allow businesses to promote their products and branding, and help customers make decisions during their shopping experience. Today, we’ll take a look at the tapes Pro Tapes® offers to make assembly and maintenance of POP Displays a breeze!

POP Displays come in a variety of materials, like wood, metal, plastic and cardboard. Some displays provide simple shelving, while other displays work like a “mini store” within the real store.

Pro Tapes® offers a diverse selection of double-sided tapes to make the assembly and maintenance of POP Displays easier. No matter what surface type your display features, our tapes work hard to securely fasten it.

We’re also ready to assist you with custom widths and custom die-cutting. Check out our Virtual Tour to learn more about Pro Tapes® capabilities.

Whether you’re a POP Display manufacturer or a retail business owner, you’ll want to have these tapes in stock. Let’s take a closer look.

UGlu is an ideal double sided tape for assembling POP Displays

UGlu®: For Quick & Easy POP Display Assembly

We recommend our UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack and our UGlu® 600 Dashes for a highly convenient solution for POP Displays. Get to know UGlu® in our demo video!

Our innovative UGlu® products feature “The Strength of Adhesive, The Convenience of Tape!” This 20 mil removable adhesive product is double sided, weatherproof, and bonds to almost any surface.

Features of UGlu®:

  • Clean removal
  • Highly conformable on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Immediate, quick stick
  • Non-toxic and acid free
  • Available in many sizes and shapes, and can be die-cut
Pro 970 vinyl tape for assembling POP Displays

Pro® 970:

Pro® 970 is a double sided, coated vinyl tape. It is often used in the furniture and custom signage industries, but it’s an excellent tool for POP Displays as well.

Features of Pro® 970:

  • Double coated permanent bond
  • Adheres well to plastic, metal, glass, cement and wood
  • Good resistance against solvents, chemicals, UV & heat
  • Ideal for splicing, laminating, mounting and bonding
  • A variety of sizes are available upon request
Pro 154 ATG for assembling POP Displays

Pro® 154 ATG:

We offer Pro® 154 ATG as a 2 mil adhesive tape, as well as Pro® 156 ATG as a 5 mil tape which can be used with adhesive transfer guns.

  • Features of Pro® 154 ATG / Pro® 156 ATG:
  • Use with ATG hand held dispenser
  • Suited for joining materials with irregular or textured surfaces
  • Excellent for indoor bonding applications
  • Quick & efficient to use; no mess
  • Meets MIL-P-19834B
  • Available in roll form and die cuts
EHB tapes for assembling POP Displays

EHB Tapes:

You may also be interested in our “Extreme High Bond” or EHB tapes, such as Pro® 5110G or Pro® 5050C.

Features of EHB Tapes:

  • Permanent bond
  • Great for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Available in roll form and die cuts

Pro Tapes® Industrial Product Brochure

Discover more products Pro Tapes® offers for markets within the Industrial industry! Click the brochure below to browse.

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