Top 5 Reasons Why Pro Tapes® Prides Itself on American-Made Products

For over forty years, Pro Tapes® has provided our customers with high-quality products that are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., and distributed across the globe. Far too often, you read about U.S. based manufacturers moving their production overseas to take advantage of tax loopholes, or cheap foreign labor, but outsourcing and offshoring have never been part of our strategic planning.

There are many reasons why Pro Tapes® calls the U.S.A. home, but here are the top five reasons we have chosen to stay red, white, and blue.

1. Creating Jobs

When companies move portions of their operations overseas, they’re also moving jobs there too, and in the process eliminating them here at home. By keeping Pro Tapes® in the United States, there are jobs being kept and created for future generations. This then aids in improving the economy and quality of life for our citizens. As Pro Tapes® continues to reinvest in equipment and our people, we’re also investing in a strong, growing U.S. economy, which creates a positive cycle. Creating jobs as well helps promote perhaps one of America’s greatest necessities- which happens to be our next reason.


2. Security through Independence

An over- reliance on importing, particularly for critical components & materials, leaves you vulnerable to the volatility of an unpredictable global market. Partnering closely with domestic suppliers allows Pro Tapes® greater control over quality, consistency and delivery. For hundreds of years, independence and self-sufficiency have been key elements to our great country’s success, why wouldn’t you want the same for your supply chain?

3. Quality of Goods and Services

When relying on importing to produce a desired product, you can’t always have “boots on the ground” to ensure the quality you demand is being met. With products being produced domestically, here at home, we have much better control of our tape being converted, packaged and shipped on time, without sacrificing quality or service to our customers.


4. Save the Earth!

Advancements in U.S. based manufacturing techniques have helped to make the U.S. one of the cleanest industrial manufacturing economies in the world. As environmental issues have grown in importance over the years, Pro Tapes® has been committed to actively taking steps in being more ecologically responsible in creating a more “green” approach in the way we produce our quality tape products.


5. Labor Issues

Corporate responsibility is a major component of our organizational values. Far too often the quest for lower cost goods have lead some manufacturers, particularly in economically under developed regions of the world, to take shortcuts when it comes to employee safety and fair compensation. Pro Tapes® has always prided ourselves on our stellar track record of providing our employees with a safe, clean work environment, while providing them with highly competitive wages, profit sharing and generous benefits. And we fully expect all of our vendors to share the same sense of corporate responsibility and concern when it comes to workers’ rights and working conditions.


These top five reasons why Pro Tapes® has and will always stay a “Made in the USA” company contributes to our overall mission and vision statements and quality control policy.

Pro Tapes’® #1 priority is to provide the best combination of quality, price and service in the industry. Our aim is not to just meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them.


To provide our customers with innovative solutions that go beyond the products we manufacture. We are committed to improving the way our customers apply, assemble, bond, hold & seal with the products we create & the services we provide.


Pro Tapes® is committed to being the world’s premier converter of pressure sensitive adhesives. We foster a culture in which our people openly collaborate, respect & value diverse views & opinions, and adhere to the highest standards of business conduct. Functioning as one team, with one goal; to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.


Pro Tapes® will provide our customers with the highest quality product at competitive prices with commitment to continuous process improvement supported by our corporate strategic vision and mission.


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