Top 3 Tapes for STEAM Class Projects

Most folks already know that STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. However, fewer folks know about STEAM. In this post, I’ll share adhesive tape products that are excellent tools for all kinds of STEAM class projects.

So you may ask: what is STEAM exactly? STEAM is a natural progression of STEM. It incorporates visual arts, dance, drama, music and more. It is part of an ever-evolving methodology for educating students and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

The integration of art into a STEM program can enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills – necessary skills for any workplace. Engineers, mathematicians, business people and scientists in the real world must all learn to think outside of the box.

No matter what type of STEAM project you’re planning, Pro Tapes® has an adhesive tape solution to help. Below we’ll take a look at my top 3 recommendations for tapes for STEAM projects.

Pro Plus tape is great for STEAM projects that require electrical wiring

Pro® Plus for Electric STEAM Experiments

For STEAM projects that require electrical wiring, Pro® Plus is an excellent choice. Pro® Plus helps with insulating wire splices.

Other Features of Pro® Plus Include:

  • UL listed 510 with a dielectric strength of 600 volts
  • It is CSA approved and has been tested against applicable North American standards.
  • Designed for wear and tear
  • Excellent cold weather resistance as well as fire retardant attributes
  • It will also perform exceptionally well in environments up to 105ºC.

Pro® Plus comes in black, blue, green, brown, yellow, purple, orange, red, white, pink and grey. This wide range of colors assists with labeling and cable management. 

Which means, besides the practical application of wire protection, Pro® Plus can also be used for decoration! Utilize its different colors to add a creative element to any STEAM project.

Pro Duct 120 is great for securing and holding STEAM projects together

Pro® Duct 120 to Hold STEAM Projects Together

Pro® Duct 120 is one of our many high performing duct tapes. It’s excellent for indoor or outdoor use and features a high tack (or stickiness.) Its waterproof backing makes it a great choice when a moisture barrier is required. 

Pro® Duct 120 is great for securing and holding bulky objects together. That makes it useful for a range of creative or scientific projects.

This duct tape can adhere to wood, metal, cardboard, glass, fabric, ceramic and plastics. It comes in silver, black, tan, brown, red, olive drab, white, blue, green orange, yellow, burgundy and purple.

Not only will this Pro® Duct 120 hold your STEAM projects together, it can add a wonderful element of color and decoration!

UGlu can replace hot glue and works on a wide variety of surfaces for STEAM projects

UGlu® is Versatile and Can Replace Hot Glue

UGlu® is one of our most popular tape products. There are so many different ways you can use it! But what is UGlu®? UGlu® is a double sided tape that performs like a liquid adhesive. It’s “The Strength of Adhesive, The Convenience of Tape™.” 

UGlu® features an oversized release paper liner, making it super easy to peel and stick. It bonds well to plastics, metal, glass, paper, wood, foam, fiberglass, cement, ceramic, leather and more. It can also bond well to rough or uneven surfaces.

UGlu® bonds instantly, but it can be removed cleanly if you need to. It is also much safer than hot glue gun since it requires no power or heat; that’s a bonus for the classroom!

For attaching small details or decorations to a STEAM project, we recommend UGlu® Dashes™.

For securing heavier objects, you might want to apply larger strips or a 3”x 3” patch (see our UGlu® Family Pack or the UGlu® Power Patch.)  UGlu® can also be cut down to size with scissors.

Pro 882L Copper Tape can be used for a simple STEAM LED project

Bonus: Check out this Copper Foil Tape Experiment!

I also want to share with you a simple STEM LED circuit project we’ve previously published. In this project, we use our conductive Pro® 882L Copper Foil Tape to demonstrate how electricity works! Click here to check it out.

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