Tips for choosing the right adhesive tape for your application

Pro 5110G EHB (Extreme High Bond) is a modified acrylic foam adhesive tape.

Pro 5110G

Did you know that some double-sided tapes are stronger than rivets, screws and glues? That’s right, STRONGER! However, each application has its own requirements and therefore you wouldn’t use the same tape to seal a box. How do you know which tape is right for your task at hand?

Some factors that drive the decision are:

  • What is being bound with the tape?
  • Will the tape be exposed to outdoor elements?
  • How permanent does the bond need to be?
  • Should the tape be highly visible or blend in?

Each tape has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few tips to consider when you’re not sure which tape best suits your application.

Use our Product Explorer
ProTapes product explorer - choose the right tape

ProTapes Product Explorer

Our website showcases a wide range of ProTapes products. You can search by the application its being used in like sealing, painting and packaging and also features like is it suitable for outdoor use, able to be custom printed or removes cleanly. Using our product explorer, you can even combine multiple filters to find the tape that meets all of your needs. Try our product explorer now.

Ask the experts at ProTapes
The best way to get yourself headed in the right direction is to contact the tape experts at Pro Tapes. Providing us  with as much information as possible will help us recommend what type of adhesive will work best for you. There is a vast amount of information on the internet, and it can get quite confusing looking at different products and data sheets. Let us help you. Contact Us here.
Get samples and test them on the actual surface
ProTapes sample request processing departmentOnce you have identified the requirements of your tape application, ProTapes will always recommend you sample one or more products. This eliminates any tape that may not perform well in your application. ProTapes sample department will process your request right away. We have the ability to slit custom size sample rolls, sheets, strips and more.


You might be surprised at these uses of tape.

You might think tape can’t withstand the elements. However highly engineered adhesives are made protected by ultra violet inhibitors helping them last through rough weather conditions. In fact, many solar panels are assembled using adhesive tape and these panels are constantly exposed to the roughest conditions like sun, snow, rain and wind. Tapes are faster to apply and easier to use than other types of fasteners. Checkout our outdoor tapes.
Vehicles and boats
Highly engineered double-sided tapes can be used to assemble automobiles, airplanes, boats and because tape is lighter than rivets and screws, using tape as an alternative lends its self to improved fuel efficiency.
Tapes are lighter, thinner and more eco-friendly than alternative fasteners. Because of this its become a popular choice in the assembly of laptops, cell phones and most electronic devices.

Skip the finger touch test

Skip the finger touch test

Skip the finger touch test

Never evaluate an adhesive by using the “finger touch test”. We see this all too often and the oils from your skin may give you a false impression as to the strength of the adhesive. Pressure sensitive adhesives are not engineered to stick to human skin, except of course for Medical Grade Tapes.

It is always best to test the tape on the surface being used in the final application. Leave yourself time to test the various samples and choose the best option!