Three Ways Pro Tapes Gives Back to the Community

We all know that giving back to our communities and helping people in need is important as a society. But how do we make it a priority?  Is there ever enough time with work, raising kids, family obligations, etc.?  At Pro Tapes®, we have developed a program that makes it easy for our employees to give back, when and how they would like to.

How Pro Tapes® Empowers Employees to Give Back

The logo for the CORE Caring program at Pro Tapes, empowering employees to give back to the community.

Our Community Out-Reach & Empowerment (C.O.R.E) program encourages employees to make meaningful contributions to the communities they reside in, as well as the communities that Pro Tapes® operates in.

Through the Pro Tapes® C.O.R.E program, we engage our employees in company-sponsored initiatives that align our company’s core values with activities that give back to our community.

  1. If an employee volunteers their own time, we will award them with Paid Time Off.  This way, an employee can participate in a cause near and dear to their heart.
  2. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to volunteer. Monetary donations are a great alternative for supporting causes that mean something to you.  Pro Tapes® matches employee monetary donations, up to $500 annually.
  3. Pro Tapes® organizes and participates in various local events (Back-to-School Supply drives, Adopt-a-Family Holiday events, etc.).  Most of our employees live near our facility, so it’s important for us to give back to these communities.

To learn more about the C.O.R.E. program, please visit here.

Pro Tapes gives back to the community with donations and fundraising via the C.O.R.E. Program.

Careers at Pro Tapes®

If you are interested in working for a community-centric organization where you can make a difference, please reach out to us at