Three Reasons Why I Believe Pro Tapes is One of the Best Places to Work

I’m GeriAnn, Director of Marketing within the Pro Tapes® team. I’ve been with Pro Tapes® in various roles for almost 16 years now! Today, I want to talk about the three reasons why I believe Pro Tapes® is one of the best places to work.

Today GeriAnn shares the three reasons why she believes Pro Tapes® one of the best places to work!

#1: Pro Tapes® Focuses on People

At Pro Tapes & Specialties® we pride ourselves for being in a “sticky” business. We’re at the core of finding solutions, adding value, and building relationships within the pressure sensitive tape industry.

Throughout our various departments, we center our goals and initiatives on employee and customer engagement. We believe both employees and customers come hand-in-hand. You must be continually improving upon both in order to provide excellent service.

Pro Tapes® Customer Obsession Guides Our Employees

“If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is.”

A banner with the above slogan hangs in our warehouse and production facility. It serves to remind our employees that even if they are not in a customer-facing position, their work ultimately is! We challenge our employees to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to make a product or process better.

Pro Tapes® is one of the best places to work because of its focus on people.

It’s not the only quote we love to turn to for guidance! Take this one for another example:

“Customer Service is not a Department, It’s an Attitude”

This quote hangs near our Sales & Customer Service offices. It’s a daily reminder to approach every customer interaction by focusing on service, experience and satisfaction!

We’ve made substantial investments over the years to enhance our service to our customers. These investments include our Customer Relationship Management Software, implementation of Electronic Data Interchange, and Advance Shipment Notifications to our customers with tracking information.

Annually, we send out a customer satisfaction survey to measure five key areas: sales, communication, flexibility, delivery and quality. We communicate the results of this survey across departments, with improvement objectives and action items outlined.

Pro Tapes® is a great place to work because they invest in their employees.

Pro Tapes® Invests in & Inspires Our Employees

Pro Tapes® is one of the best places to work because we invest in our employees. By giving our employees the resources to grow, we empower them to excel within their roles. We believe that investing in and empowering our employees ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

That is why Pro Tapes® regularly provides our employees with opportunities to attend training programs and earn certificates. Here is a sampling of some of the training we provide across different departments:

  • Forklift Re-Certification (every 2 years)
  • CPR & First Aid Training (every 2-3 years)
  • ESL Training
  • Fire, Safety Training, Back Safety Training
  • Time Management Training
  • Performance Review Training
  • Management Training
  • ISO Auditor Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Product Knowledge Training
  • Accelerated Process Improvement Training
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Product Management Certification
  • Google Analytics and AdWords Trainings
  • Other Computer Skills & Software Training, such as: email Etiquette, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Windows, Microsoft Office, SAGE 500 ERP, etc.

#2: Leadership that Promotes Communication, Innovation and Quality

Pro Tapes® is one of the best places to work because our leadership promotes a high quality working environment. Our goal is to build relationships, aim for strategic growth, and continually improve on quality and manufacturing efficiencies.

Pro Tapes® leadership makes Pro® a great place to work because they host quarterly Town Halls and communicate transparently with employees.

Quarterly, our leadership hosts Town Hall meetings. During these meetings, they provide transparent communication to all employees on company news, enhancements and financials. They encourage employees to ask questions and openly share any suggestions for improvements.

Pro Tapes® leadership has also developed a team that meets quarterly to develop, plan and promote building, equipment, workplace and fire safety, and disaster recovery.

Pro Tapes® took safety during the covid-19 pandemic seriously, mandating health checks and social distancing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pro Tapes® leadership founded a Small Business Advisory Network. This advisory network helped connect small businesses to sources of information to help them safely and quickly recover from the economic impact of the shutdown.

#3: Emphasis on Community & Giving

Pro Tapes® is one of the best places to work because of our C.O.R.E Caring program. Through this program, employees can make meaningful contributions to the communities that Pro Tapes® and its employees reside in.

The Pro Tapes® C.O.R.E. Caring Program makes Pro® one of the best places to work by empowering employees to give back to the local community.

The Pro Tapes® C.O.R.E. Caring Program was founded in 2014. Like a “core” that provides the strong center for a roll of tape, our “C.O.R.E.” stands for the values of Community, Out-Reach, Responsibility and Empowerment within our business.

Our C.O.R.E Caring program allows us to engage our employees in company-sponsored initiatives that align our company’s core values with activities that improve and enrich our community.

Through this program, we also commit to a culture of being friendly to the environment and maintaining the highest corporate citizenship standard. We aim to protect the health and safety of our employees while also positively impacting community in which we operate. We also maintain a strong sense of social responsibility through our financial support of and active involvement in many local charitable organizations.

At Pro Tapes® I’m challenged every day to work smarter and be a valued part of a successful team. I’m not just a number on a piece of paper; here at Pro® I have the opportunity to make a real impact on our organization!