The Teacher’s Tape: Pro® Pocket Gaff in the Classroom

Masking tape is not the only tape for the classroom! Let’s re-imagine our most popular arts & entertainment product, Pro Gaff®, and discover how you can incorporate it in the classroom and around your school!

Meet Pro® Pocket Gaff!

Pro Pocket Gaff has all the properties of our popular Pro Gaff tape, including 20 colors to choose from

First, did you know our Pro Gaff® tape comes in a conveniently sized, easy-to-grab roll?

Our Pro® Pocket Gaff tape has all the amazing properties of regular Pro Gaff® tape, in a smaller roll:

  • Comes in 20 colors
  • Applies easily to most surfaces
  • Removes cleanly from most surfaces with no residue
  • Easily conforms to uneven or rough surfaces
  • Easy to tear by hand or cut with scissors

Where can you use Pro® Pocket Gaff in the Classroom?

There are SO many uses for our Pro® Pocket Gaff inside and outside of the classroom! From decorating, to arts & crafts, educational and physical activities, even social distancing and safety marking. Pro® Pocket Gaff has so much functionality that teachers can incorporate into every day use.

Use Pro Pocket Gaff tape to hold up children's artwork on walls and bulletin boards without making a mess

For example, you can use Pro® Pocket Gaff to hang up children’s masterpieces! The tape can act like a frame for each artwork while securing it safely to walls and bulletin or chalk boards.

When it is time to remove the art from the wall, your custodians will thank you for using a tape that leaves no sticky adhesive residue behind. That’s the luxury a clean-removal tape provides!

The decorations and arts and crafts that can be done with Pro® Pocket Gaff are endless. Just check out our Pinterest boards to get some fresh ideas!

With 20 different colors available, think of all the decorating possibilities! You can match your Pro® Pocket Gaff to a seasonal theme or holiday, like Easter or Halloween, or let kids choose their favorite colors.

Pro® Pocket Gaff is useful all around the school building:

Let’s not limit the use of Pro® Pocket Gaff to just the classroom or the hallway!

Who doesn’t love a good musical put on by the Theater department or a concert from your school orchestra or jazz band? But pesky wires from audio equipment can get in the way… Not with Pro® Pocket Gaff to hold down wires and cables!

Pro Pocket Gaff gives you the same ability as our regular Pro Gaff Tape to hold down wires and cables for concerts, recitals, and theater performances in your school

Pro® Pocket Gaff is a Theater or Music teacher’s dream. Not only is this tape perfect for holding wires down on floors (reducing the chance of a trip or fall!), but you can also use it to make marks on floors so student performers know where to go on cue.

Use different colors to mark off different locations for performers, props, and more. You can even make boxes, or arrows to remind students to exit stage left properly!

Use Pro® Pocket Gaff for Gym Class, too!

Pro® Pocket Gaff can even help students get moving with sports and games! You can use Pro® Pocket Gaff to make games on the floor: 4 square, hopscotch, an agility ladder, and so much more with a little imagination!

Pro Pocket Gaff goes down easily on gym floors for all kinds of games and activities for your school's gym class!

Use this tape to make lines and box out areas temporarily for all kinds of games. Even with high foot traffic, you won’t be worrying about residue left behind on your gym floors once the game is over!

Pro Gaff tape works indoors and outdoors - just check out this hopscotch board made with tape! Perfect for outdoor activities at school.

Plus, Pro® Pocket Gaff works indoors AND outdoors, on a wide variety of surfaces! Keep the game indoors or bring it outside just as easily.


Feel inspired to decorate your classroom, library or gym with Pro® Pocket Gaff? We’ll be happy to help you learn more about our product! You can reach out to us any time at

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