Stage Managers Need Pro® Spike Tape

Our world-famous Pro® Spike Tape is the versatile tool all theater professionals need. Whether you’re at the educational or professional level, Pro® Spike helps you spike stages, label equipment and audio boards, and much more. Today, let’s take a closer look at this great product.

What is “Spiking” a Stage?

For any production that’s performed on a stage (such as concerts, plays, etc), it’s important that performers and stage crew know where to go on stage to do their job successfully.

It’s the job of stage management staff to put down “spikes” – a nickname for any mark – on the stage, to show where actors should stand and where set pieces and props need to be placed. Spike marks typically are made with very bright, fluorescent, or even glowing colors so they can easily be noticed on stage as well as backstage.

Stage managers use Pro® Spike Tape to mark their stages effectively.

While some stage managers use paint markers or cut electrical tape down to size to make their spike marks, savvy stage managers use the best tool available: Pro® Spike Tape.

What makes Pro® Spike Tape Perfect for Theater?

Pro® Spike is a cloth tape that is easy to tear by hand to size (no need for scissors) and is easy to tape down where you need it. This tape removes easily too, without leaving any residues behind.

It’s available in 19 different colors, including five high-visibility fluorescent colors. These fluorescent colors react vividly under UV light.

Pro® Spike Tape is reactive to UV light, making it glow brightly.
Photos by Alexander Keegan

Pro® Spike sticks to a wide variety of surfaces and is writeable with markers and pens. This means you can easily label your spike marks on stage, as well as backstage, around tech/audio booths, on doors, walls, light switches, equipment and storage boxes, and so much more.

Pro Spike Tape is perfect for labeling audio boards and equipment
Photos by Le Mark Group

Pro® Spike is available in ½”x45yds size and in a convenient variety of specialty put-up’s such as die-cut corner shapes as well as pocket-sized stacks.

Pro® Spike Corners

Watch this demo video to learn how to apply Pro® Spike Corners:

Pro® Spike Corners have all the same properties of Pro® Spike, but in a convenient corner shape. You can easily make X markers and arrows with minimal effort, saving you valuable time for other tasks. You can even tear each Pro® Spike Corner into smaller pieces if you need to.

Pro® Spike Corners make spiking your theater stage faster

We also offer Pro® Glow Corners in the same specialty arrow shape. These corners charge via artificial or natural light, and emit a glow under low lighting. This makes Pro® Glow Corners particularly handy backstage and around tech booths.

Pro® Glow Corners are perfect for spiking in dark areas

Pro® Pocket Spike Stacks – Spike Tape on the Go!

We’ve designed a convenient set of Pro® Spike that comes in five colors and fits easily in your pocket. Stick these rolls on a carabiner on your belt loop and take them on the go!

Pro® Pocket Spike Stacks are portable sized rolls you can hook on to your belt or fit in your pocket

Features of Pro® Pocket Spike Stacks:

  • Low unit cost
  • Convenient small roll size; portable
  • 20 colors, including UV friendly fluorescent colors
  • Made with high quality materials in the USA

Our Glow-In-The-Dark Tape Solutions

Pro® Glow Corners are not the only “glowing” product we have available. Just like Pro® Spike, we offer a range of products and solutions. These tapes emit a glow under low lighting. They’re perfect for layout and labeling in dark areas, like backstage and around tech/audio booths.

Pro Tapes® offers many glowing tape solutions for theaters

Pro Glow® products react to UV light, whether they are charged or not by natural or artificial light. This tape is available in roll form, dots, arrows and corners.

Pro Glow Gaff® has all the properties of our world-famous Pro Gaff® plus glow and reactivity to UV light.

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