Sasan Nasernia’s Calligraphic Visions in Tape

Artist Sasan Nasernia was born in Tehran and now lives in Vancouver. A long-time fan of Pro Gaff® (we even have prints of his work hanging in our headquarters!), he has also long been interested in developing his own form of calligraphy and a personal visual lexicon.

Learn more about his artistic practice below, which includes print making, painting, digital art, and of course: tape!

Do you have a website or any social media you’d like to share with our audience?

People can check out my website at Also, my Instagram handle is

Sasan Nasernia's artistic practice includes printmaking, painting, and of course, tape art

How long have you been practicing art? What have you experimented with before discovering tape?

I have been practicing art professionally since 2007. Before that, I had experimented off and on with letterforms and calligraphy. During all these years my main mediums have been conventional, like ink, acrylic, paper, and canvas.

Sasan Nasernia's work is inspired by calligraphy and creating a personal visual lexicon

Can you tell our audience a little bit about what inspires your artwork and process?

I’m very much interested in language and its building blocks, words, and letters, both in terms of its epistemological and aesthetic applications.

As I slowly began to delve into more philosophical and mystical realms, the significance of language became even more vivid to me.

I take most of my inspiration from history, literature, and monuments which are representing these philosophical and mystical traditions.

Sasan Nasernia's installation at the Sharjah Art Museum 2018

How did you discover Pro Tapes® tape products?

I first found Pro Tapes® at my local art shop in Vancouver where I purchase my materials from.

Later, I got in touch with the company to know more about their products and to get help with choosing the most suitable tape for my work from their variety of available models. The Pro Tapes® team even kindly provided me with some samples.

Sasan Nasernia says Pro Gaff® is the perfect flexible yet durable tape product for his art installations

What are your favorite qualities of our Pro Tapes® products?

I specifically look for a durable, yet flexible product, which if required, allows me to apply paint on it as well.

In my installations, I use the tape in a floating kind of way, where it is fixed at its both ends and the main part is hanging in the air. So the tapes have to be able to hold on and stay stable for weeks at a time.

So far, my best option has been Pro Gaff®. It is easy to work with and makes the process much more enjoyable.

What other materials or tools do you use alongside tape to create your art? How do they work together?

When I have to connect the drawn parts to the tapes in my installations, some brushwork with acrylic ink helps the transition look almost seamless.

I also continue producing art in other formats, such as canvas and paper, or digitally.

If someone has never used tape to create art, what advice would you have for them?

My advice is to use the best material, and not to compromise on quality.

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