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Repair Roofs and Gutters like a PRO with Pro® Flex Tape!

Leaky roofs and gutters no longer have to cost a fortune to repair. With its aggressive, all weather butyl adhesive, Pro® Flex Patch & Shield Tape can stop leaks right in their tracks!

Pro® Flex can be applied in a wide variety of conditions, including wet, low & high temperature applications.

Pro® Flex is tremendously versatile, which makes it the essential tape for every home! You can use it not just for roofs, but also pools, windows, in bathrooms, kitchens and more.

Why Pro® Flex Tape is Ideal For Roofs & Other Home Repairs:

  • Excellent for emergency repairs
  • Instant bond to most surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, and many more!
  • Highly conformable for contouring to different shapes and irregular surfaces
  • UV resistance
  • Excellent for various weather conditions & temperatures
  • Pro® Flex’s powerful butyl adhesive strengthens with time
  • Available in Black, White and Clear colors – match your roof, pool, or other surfaces easily
  • Available in Grey upon request (special minimum order quantity required)
  • Wide widths available for larger repairs
Pro® Flex tape is available in Black, White and Clear. It also available in Grey, which requires a special minimum order quantity.

How to Apply Pro® Flex Tape:

  • We recommend a clean surface (no oil or dirt)
  • Cut desired length with a razor or scissors.
  • Remove disposable liner.
  • Apply Pro® Flex to the intended area.
  • Apply firm pressure to ensure a tight bond. Take your time and it will adhere instantly due to Pro® Flex’s very aggressive adhesive.
  • Allow to cure for 24 hours.

Note: Once Pro® Flex is applied, it is extremely difficult to remove.

When applying Pro® Flex, DO NOT:
  • Do not apply Pro® Flex to greasy or oiled surfaces (or surfaces which contain harsh chemicals) as it will not adhere to them.
  • Not recommended for use on high water pressure seals.

End User Testimonial for Pro® Flex:

Check out this testimonial from Jack from Massachusetts, one of our many Pro® Flex fans:

“I discovered your Pro® Flex tape by accident when our newly purchased Blood Drive Vinyl signs were hit by a violent wind storm, and the resulting creases in the vinyl mesh fabric threatened to tear apart the base mesh.”

“Somehow I discovered your Pro® Flex 2 inch white butyl tape in a construction trade store near me. I used it on the banners and found it was unreal in adhesion and the butyl quality was superior.”

“I am a Construction Company owner for 44 years, now retired. Therefore I know superior products of your type. Nothing existed like your tape during my active time.”


Our experienced inside Sales team is here to help you learn more about Pro® Flex and our other product offerings. We are committed to helping you identify the right solution for your project.

You can reach out to us any time at sales@protapes.com

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