Re-Opening? Hosting Events? Here’s Why You’ll Need Pro® Gaff

As business and events re-open, there is one thing they all need to succeed: high performance, reliable tape products!

We’ve heard many stories over the years about events that went awry simply because there wasn’t enough high quality tape. Table cloths that don’t hold down, folks tripping over unsecured cables. Sometimes, when ordering, the cost of the freight and logistics alone is higher than the cost of the tape itself!

Avoid event planning dilemmas by always having the right tape in your toolbox

You can avoid these dilemmas by having a few core tape products ready in your tool kits at all times.

Are you planning a drive-by birthday celebration? A wedding? Maybe a dance recital, or worship services? Large scale events are coming back too, such as trade shows, art exhibits, live concerts, comedy shows, and thousands more. At Pro Tapes® we have all the essential tape products to make your event a success!

Why You Need Pro Gaff® Tape:

For any kind of event, we strongly recommend Pro Gaff®. This product is our most versatile pressure sensitive tape that is a great solution for many different applications.

Pro Gaff® has high tensile strength and adhesion, yet it removes cleanly from many surfaces. This tape features a unique “SRA” adhesive system that delivers great tack. It is very conformable to uneven or rough surfaces, and adheres marvelously to vinyl wires and cables.

Pro Gaff Tape comes in 20 designer colors to match any event planning color palette

20 Designer Colors

Pro Gaff® comes in 20 designer colors, so it can easily match any color palette. Color options include 5 UV reactive, fluorescent colors for high visibility applications. These colors are vibrant and extremely useful.

Pro Gaff® is also write-able with markers and pens. This makes it perfect for color coding, labeling, and making temporary signs. It’s great for decorating, too!

Pro Gaff is writeable with markers and Pro Gaff in fluorescent colors glows under UV Light

Works Amazingly in Low Light/UV

Our fluorescent colors pack a secret trick, too! When viewed under UV lights, anything written on fluorescent Pro Gaff® will glow and visually “jump off” the tape. This makes important signs highly visible. Audio designers use this trick for labeling sound boards when working in a dark theater! It is perfect for labeling in any other low-light or UV/glow light situations too, such as weddings or concerts.

Pro Gaff tape is perfect for taping down wires and cables for events

Perfect for Cable and Wire Hold-Down

Pro Gaff® is excellent for bundling cables, wires, and other items that need to be secured safely. It makes moving and tear down after events easier. It is perfect for cable and wire hold down on floors, walls, and many other surfaces. 

Pro Gaff’s® 20 colors allow you to blend cables into the background or make them stand out for safety. Neutral colors like black, brown, tan or grey conceal wires and cables. For high visibility and safety (to avoid tripping accidents!), use bright colors like red, green, or one of our five fluorescent shades.

Pro® Fast is Another Excellent Tool For Quick & Easy Event Setup:

Our Pro® Fast Hook and Loop dispenser boxes are another must-have product in your event planning arsenal. Pro® Fast dispenser boxes contain 15 feet of hook and 15 feet of loop. Each have a permanent adhesive on the back. It comes in Black or White.

Pro Fast is a versatile fastening solution that is also cost-effective for all kinds of displays

Pro® Fast is a versatile fastener that is also economical. Buying hook and loop tape separately and making your own dispenser costs more than one of our ready-to-use dispenser kits!

The dispenser makes both the hook and loop tapes easier to use. Simply pull out as much hook or loop tape as you need, and cut. Plus, this product takes up very little room in any tool box or bag!

Pro® Fast gives you the flexibility of sticking something up and taking it down numerous times.

It’s great for assembling and disassembling displays with multiple elements. Think balloon arrangements, Point-of-Purchase or Point-of-Sale displays, booths at craft or art fairs. You can even use it to assemble products or party favors, like gift-baskets!

Pro® Fast dispensers are great for trade shows, too. Common trade show or convention tables are 10 feet wide and 3 feet deep, making the 15 feet of hook/loop tape in our dispensers the perfect amount. Use it to hang and secure table coverings and drapes. Pro® Fast is available in black or white, so it will match your typical black or white drapes perfectly.

Additional Tapes You’ll Love for Event Planning:

Pro® Duct 120

Pro® Duct 120 is a premium polyethylene coated cloth tape that has high adhesion and great tensile strength. It is an economical solution for wire hold down, bundling and color coding applications, especially when you need to use it on carpet.

Pro Duct 120 is great for temporary cable hold down on carpets and comes in colors that match standard hotel chain carpets

This tape is perfect for presentations in AV rooms. It gives you quick, temporary hold-down for wires on hotel or convention center carpets. Pro® Duct 120 removes cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue that would destroy the carpeting underneath.

It comes in colors that match standard hotel chain carpets, such as burgundy, brown and green. This allows you to hold the cables securely without creating an unattractive distraction. 

Pro® Carpet Safe

Pro® Carpet Safe Tape is specially designed for temporary hold down on carpets, dance floors, and trade show display floors.

This tape is a convenient combination of two other products: Pro® Scenic 714 Blue Masking Tape (designed for indoor and outdoor house painting) and our Pro® 5ooW double-sided premium cloth tape.

Pro Carpet Safe Tape is perfect for setting up temporary dance floors or stage floors

The Pro® Scenic side adheres to any delicate or decorative floor or surface. The Pro® 500W side has a much more aggressive adhesive. It holds the rough bottom side of carpets or temporary dance or exhibit floors securely in place. 

Together, these two sides make Pro® Carpet Safe perfect for setting up dance floors or stage floors in auditoriums, concert halls, local or state theaters and other venues.  It removes cleanly from the stage surface or temporary floor, while holding it securely and safely in place when in use.  


Before scheduling your next event, make sure you’re fully stocked with the necessary Pro Tapes® products to help you get the job done right, and make your event, big or small, a success!

For any questions, reach out to me at – I’ll be happy to assist you.

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