Protect Sanitized Surfaces with 3M™ Durable Protective Film

Protect sanitized surfaces and inhibit the growth of bacteria with 3M™ Durable Protective Film. Learn more about this new product, and discover what Pro Tapes® can offer you, too!

These days, facility managers in schools, universities, gyms, medical offices, and more, have implemented expansive new sanitizing procedures to combat the spread of Covid-19 and other communicable diseases. 

Unfortunately, harsh cleaning chemicals used in these processes can wear down surfaces over time. For this reason, 3M™ has developed a new product which tackles both issues at once.

Protect Sanitized Surfaces with 3M™ Technology

Introducing: 3M™ Durable Protective Film.

3M™ Durable Protective Film is engineered with an EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial hardcoat. The hardcoat has been put through the Taber Test Method, and is confirmed to give your surfaces a boost to their abrasion resistance.

In addition, the antimicrobial agent interferes with the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, to protect surfaces longer between cleanings. 

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Frequently sanitized surfaces where 3M™ Durable Protective Film could be used

There are many surfaces which can benefit from the additional protection of 3M™ Durable Protective Film. To give you an idea, here are a few key surfaces that are often “high-touch” areas which require additional sanitation:

  • ATMs, Point-of-Sale keypads
  • Door handles, elevator buttons, light switches
  • School desks, benches, handrails
  • Shopping carts
  • Phones, tablets, and other touch screens
  • Airport kiosks
  • Restaurant tables and counter tops
  • Medical/dental tables and counter tops
3M Durable Protective Film can be used on high touch surfaces like tablets, desks, handrails, and more

Two product options:

Different surfaces and applications require different approaches. To this end, we provide two versions of 3M™ Durable Protective Films to best suit your end application.

3M™ Durable Protective Film 7750AM (Permanent)

  • Utilizes 3M™ Adhesive 400 for clarity and resistance to yellowing (when exposed to UV light)
  • High clarity/transparency
  • Excellent for permanent to semi-permanent applications

3M™ Durable Protective Film 7760AM (Removable)

  • Utilizes 3M™ Adhesive R3500 for good initial tack
  • Offers excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent removability; removes from most substrates*

*The user will have to determine if this product is suitable for the intended application

For additional guidelines on sanitizing protocols to follow in your facility, please visit the CDC’s page on Cleaning and Disinfecting your Facility.

3M Durable Protective Film is engineered with a silver ion microbial hardcoat which protects from abrasian and inhibits the growth of germs

Combine with Pro Tapes® Converting Technology

In addition, Pro Tapes & Specialties® offers an expansive array of converting capabilities. For this reason, 3M™ has partnered with us to offer their 3M™ Durable Protective Film.

We now offer standard stock sizes, as well as the ability to cut custom widths, lengths, and die-cut shapes. Check out our Virtual Tour to discover all of our capabilities!

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